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best substrate for apisto's and rams.


New Member
I usually stick with Discus and Angels but have recently acquired two pairs of agassizi's dbl reds, one pair of which has bred underneath my nose.. Now I'm setting up a tank just for the 5 apisto's and 5 German Blue Rams. Typically, I use PFS for my substrate but with these two guys, being substrate spawners, should I set this tank up with fine gravel or stick with the sand? Bill in Va.


5 Year Member
I always use plain sand (remember they're eartheaters).

On the other hand, the A. agassizi is not a substrate spawner but a cave one.


Staff member
5 Year Member
I have recently discovered a new substrate I am becoming a fan of: Turface. This is a very hard baked clay product that is manufactured for substrates under grass or turf/grass combination athletic fields. Most businesses that maintain/build sports facilities sell it. You can get smaller quantities from www.ripariumsupply.com.

Turface is GREAT as a substrate for plants, is dark in color and the consistency of a fine gravel. I use it by itself or mixed 50/50 with silica sand in tanks where I want to grow plants.