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Mike Wise
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    Larry Rogers
    I would guess that the fish in the ...256 jpg is a subadult male. He appears to be starting to color and the last three rays of the dorsal have started to extend. The other fish may be female or may be slightly "younger" than the first. There does appear to be a slight lengthening of this fish's dorsal too but it is too early to be sure. Only time will tell the tale.
    Hi Mike,
    Is your mailbox full? I'm trying to send you emails, but I'm only receiving delivery error messages!
    My guess is that they're domestic. Your present water values should be fine, although I would lower the conductivity a bit.
    Mike, I have 5 mail Hongsloi males bought at club auction, I have females arriving tomarrow. I already bough 1 female. I Need some suggestions or secrets to get themn to breed. The males are Lovely and would like to perpetuate their genes. I have bred other species. Perameters at around 60 on conductivity, ph around 6.5 sand with Oak leaf tanins and peat moss. thanks, chris
    Hi Johnny, I don't breed apistos for re-sale. I normally trade fish for fish. I only keep fish that aren't found in the commercial trade
    Hello Mike, I have recently moved to Denver too and wondered if you have any species for sale - particularly Cacatuoides?
    Mike Wise
    Mike Wise
    Sorry, the only apistos I have now for sale/trade are A. wolli and A. sp. (aff. luelingi) Cristal. I haven't kept common apistos for a while lately.
    Always interested in sources of dwarf cichlids. I suggest you list species & prices on the forum for all to see.
    Hi, Mike.
    We are a company of Amazonian ornamental fish and we have many species of Apistogrammas.
    I would like to offer on this forum. Are you interested?
    Dear Mike, I was previously in contact with Tom C about apistogramma cruzi true species. Mark and Tom sent me some and I reproduced them few years ago.
    I am at the moment trying to find one or two female of that species (I lost them when I had my first boy).
    Today I am trying to reproduce Apistogramma True Cruzi but I have no female anymore. Do you still have those fishes? Do you know anyone keeping those fishes?
    Mike Wise
    Mike Wise
    I'm sorry but I have never kept the true cruzi. As far as I know the only time it was collected recently was by Tom, in 2011 I believe. Extras that Tom didn't keep were sold to an exporter by his collector/guide and sold commercially under the name A. Christoff. It just is too hard to collect regularly for commercial sale. AFAIK all true cruzi are offspring from this collection.
    Thanks a lot for your answer Mike! And If you hear about true cruzi you know I am interested ;-) kind regards. Damien.
    Hey Mike I was recommended to you via the rocky mountain cichlid association. I am on a hunt for a certain fish and was told you may be able to help me. I'M searching high and low for apistogramma borellii opals. ANY leads would be very much appreciated
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