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  • Hello Mr. David Soares! I am over here in southwestern Idaho, I am very interested in your animals, I want to know more. I might even make a drive out to Sisters to learn more, if that were a possibility. I have had trouble using aquabid to contact you.
    Hello. I was wondering if you have any apistogrammas agassizii for sale and if so what your price is and what variety they are
    Hi Dave,
    Is it possible to ship internationally from your facility. Thanks. Cheers. Jay
    A. gossei (and some similar apistos) are about the only apistos from French Guiana. The real interesting dwarfs from there are the several color morphs of N. aureocephalus, plus N. sp. Yiyi, I'll be interested to hear what you find/bring back.
    Hi Dave,
    I want to know if I bid on the Box-apisto, can I switch the apisto Winklefleck out for a pair of apisto macmasteri?
    Hi Dave,
    I see some info about you, and i want to know if you can send Apistos to Madrid, Spain.
    Thanks for your time.

    1 saludo
    hi dave,i recently see u got the apisto macmasteri on aquabid list but then they discappear on it this week. Do you still got them available?
    I do have some--I can do better than a trio also
    great! i make a bid on your apisto borelli opal this week so that i can combine them together. Is your apisto macmasteri the red one or the golden one?
    Hello sorry for the bother.
    But would you be able to answer a question for me.
    I'm currently looking to buy a 40g tank and I'm looking at 2 different filters.
    Eheim Pro 1 2224 or the Eheim Pro 3 2071.
    Which do you think I should get and why.
    Thanks in advance
    hi dave!i appreciate the offer very much but right now i'm in the process of getting divorced and getting rid of most of my fish.i'm moving into a house with a huge space where i'll be able to set up a much bigger fishroom but not moving in until oct 4th and probably won't be in a big hurry to set anything up.thanks again
    craig oliver aka electric eel
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