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So much to chose..


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There is a pretty big list to chose from here... any comments of what I should consider?

Scientific name Comon name Size (cm) River Locality
Apistogramma agassizii AGASIZII Tefé 2 Tefe Tefé
Apistogramma agassizii Agassizii Mamurí 3 to 4 Mamori Careiro
Apistogramma bitaeniata BITAENIATA 3 to 4 Mamori Careiro
Apistogramma diplotaenia Diplotaenia 2 to 4 Negro Negro
Apistogramma elizabethae ELIZABETH-ISSANA 3 to 4 Issana SGC
Apistogramma gephyra GEPHYRA 3 to 5 Negro Novo Airão
Apistogramma gibbiceps GIBBICEPS 3 to 4 Jadaca SGC
Apistogramma hypolitae HYPOLYTAE 3 to 5 Araca Barcelos
Apistogramma mendezi MENDEZI 3 to 4 Negro SIRN
Apistogramma menkeni MENKENI 3 to 4 Negro Barcelos
Apistogramma pacisquamis PAUCISQUAMIS 2 to 3 Negro Novo Airão
Apistogramma pertensis PERTENSIS 3 Jufaris Cacubim
Apistogramma pulchra Pulchra 2 to 4 Nova Olinda Nova Olinda
Apistogramma sp. (gibcbieps) BREITBINDEM Médio Negro SGC
Apistogramma sp. (uapesi) ROCKTEIL-ODEN 2 to 4 Jufaris Oden
Apistogramma sp. (wilhelmi) WILHELMI Abacaxi 2 to 4 Abacaxi Nova Olinda


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Hi all,
There is a pretty big list to chose from here... any comments of what I should consider?
What is your water and tank set-up like? A lot of these species are a bit tricky and require very soft, high quality water.

cheers Darrel

Mike Wise

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A. elizabethae from the Rio Içana is not only very rarely collected/exported, but more colorful than the populations from the Rio Uaupés. A. meinkeni is a small pertensis-complex species that is interesting, but not especially eye-catching. If I were you I'd choose what you like.