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  1. S

    Aquasoil and Apistogramma

    Hello everyone, My currently 2 months old aquarium is starting to slowly stabilize and I'd want to soon start adding some fish in it, unfortunately while setting it up I didn't know exactly what kind of fish I wanted to house (nor really knew anything since this is my first tank, I just do a...
  2. D

    Assistance in determining males from females please

    Hi all, I know this is a popular topic, however I am after some assistance in determining traits that differentiate me tween male and female Apistogramma Cacatuoides orange flash. I think I have narrowed it down to a few things but please tell me if I am wrong on anything or I am missing...
  3. kaku

    sexing juvenile apistogramma cacatuoides

    I need help sexing all 3 of these fish they are juvenile cacatuoides and 2 of them are showing aggression. The place I bought them from accidentally gave me 3 and now pic 2 and pic 3 are being aggressive. Can you help me sex them and tell me what I should do?
  4. D

    Cross breeding of Cacatuoides?

    Hi all, I feel like the answer may be yes, but thought I’d ask those with more knowledge and experience. Will cacatuoides of different colour variations cross breed? ie a double red with a super orange? Thanks in advance
  5. L

    Rio Ucayali Biotope, Perú.

    Rio Ucayali #Biotope, Perú °Floating plants -Frogbit -Salvinia minima °Plants -Sagitaria subulata °Fish -Apistogramma nijsseni -Apistogramma cacatuoides
  6. Edvin

    A. Cacatuoides fry(s,es?)gone

    Hi, I have an aquarium with a pair of Apistograma Cacatuoides and 10 neon fish. One day I noticed that the female was raising 5 fry. Then every day a fry disappeared, finally only one remained and it seemed to develop and grow, but after a few days it also disappeared. My questions are...
  7. L

    Cacatuoides Color ID and Age

    Curious about my little cacatuoides guy's color and age is. I understand he may be too young to really know what color he's going to be, but just curious, and also curious when I might be able to ID if not now. Hard to tell in the pictures, but his anal fin does have a yellow/orange tint to it...
  8. ApistoHongsloi

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Triple Red Abnormally Large Bottom Jaw???????

    My male Cacatuoides (Name is Beefchop) Has an extremely large bottom jaw. I got him last summer and this is my first time posting about it. Could it be caused by inbreeding?? Would love to hear yall's input on this. Thanks
  9. tanks4allthefish

    Hello everyone

    New to the site, hobbyist/breeders. Also on IG : @tanks4allthefish Thought of sharing some new life for a new account and first post... A.Cacatuoides Parents are III Red and have some Orange Flash genetics.
  10. P

    Opinion about restocking apistos

    I lost the 1 female Macmasteri and 1 the male Agassizii the 40G breeder tank I think might be the Panda Garra that stressed them because he is chasing everyone (he was living on the tank already) so I'm taking him out this weekend. But I have no idea what happened with the male Cacatuoides on...
  11. T

    New to Apistos

    Hi everyone! A few months ago I "inherited" a pair of apisto cacatuoides along with a secondhand tank I bought. I was only really after a starter tank for my first tropical fish since childhood so a 12 gallon "Aquaone nano 40" seemed a good option with its built in multistage filter. I had...
  12. M

    Apisto cacatouides breeding pair issues

    So I have a pair of apistogramma cacatouides double red. The female is a pale yellow almost tan some black spots but nice colored fins. Since I’ve had them (6 monthsish) they haven’t really showed any signs of spawning. Been feeding frozen bbs, regular brine, frozen blood worms, live black worms...
  13. D

    Cacatuoides Harem in 55 gallon

    Hi folks, I've got a cacatuoides male and 2 females in a 55 gallon, along with 3 raspboras. My goal is to breed them without having to seperate any fish at all. The tank has 4 caves, all blocking line of sight from each other. I've attached a pic of my setup, any advice on this would be great...
  14. L

    Not sure what they are doing

    TLDR: I would like to know the sex of these three for sure and what this tail flick/ biting behavior is. Is it territorial fighting or mating behavior? Background I should say from the start that this is my first go at apistos but I have housed other cichlids, as well as all the 'starter' fish...
  15. T

    Can I mix Apisto Borelli, Bitaenita & Cacatuoides?

    Hi all, I would like to know which combination of species can work. Tank size : 60x40cm (footprint) Objective: Community tank with some schooling fish. Can I mix any of the combination below? 1)One pair of Borelli and one pair of Cacatuoides. 2)One pair of Cacatuoides and one single male...
  16. T

    Cacatuoides ID and sexing help

    This is my first apisto, he was sold to me as a cacatuoides double red male, unsure of the age but he's about 2 inches long total and I've had him a week. I believe he is indeed a male because of the longer spikes at the front of his dorsal fin, but would like your all's input in confirming...
  17. Hugo Borjesson

    Agressive male apisto

    Hey, i have had a male cacatoo ciclid for about 6 months now and recently added a female. Its in a 20 gallon long that is heavily planted. The male is non stop harassing the female but there is no damage done, yet, after a week. She is very young, just at selling size and he is about a year old...
  18. S

    Apistogramma & Blue Acara

    Hello, I'm currently planning the stock for my 55gal (Fluval Roma 200L) tank and am highly interested in apistogramma and blue acara. I know I'm probably being hopeful, but is there any way a male or pair of apistogramma (vejita gold or cacatuoides) can live with a blue acara? I have a cave...
  19. A

    Female cacatuoides not eating

    Hello! This is my first post on any type of fishkeeping forum, so please forgive me if I got something wrong/didn't give enough info. I picked up a pair of subadult apistogramma cacatuoides two weeks ago (male was about 1.5 inches, female was about 1 inch). They both looked very healthy when I...
  20. F

    Apistogramma in 20 Gallon Community Tank

    Hi all! I am thinking about setting up a 20 gallon planted tank, and want to stock it with 6 rummynose tetras, 6 kuhli loaches, some amano shrimp, and a single male apistogramma cacatuoides. I'm fairly new to the hobby so don't want to get in to breeding, so I just wanted to make sure the...