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Female/Male Agassizii?


New Member
Apologies as I note this is a frequently asked question and difficult with this domestic colour morph, is anyone able to help me sex this agassizii fire gold.

I have a definite male in a separate tank, however I am unsure on the fish in question (pictures below). Cannot tell if it is a female or juvenile male.

For reference it is around 4 - 4.5cm. Currently being kept in a separate tank to my male, just with some small tetras where it has now been for a few months, I was hoping that I would be able to ID it by now but still struggling. Unsure about age, however I purchased the fish in December 2023 from LFS and it has grown slightly however the male I purchased earlier in 2023 grew very quickly in comparison (not sure if this is relevant/helpful).

I appreciate that this may be a case of waiting and watching development, but if anyone is able to shed any light it would be great, thanks. (Photos attached).


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From the shape of the fish, its age and size, I would expect it to be a female. But you know the problem with color-enhanced domestic strains.
Hi Mike, thanks for your view on this a few of weeks ago. I just added the fish in with my male a couple of days ago and found it in a cave today with a batch of eggs, so it was in fact female.

Thought that I would give an update as it may help others with a similar issue with these domestic colour morphs.

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