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Borelli from natural biotope, Argentine - Corrientes


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I could not measure temperature, but were cold days earlier with minimum 12º
The water was cool that day, more or less 18°
in the air 22º
ph if measured 6.5


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How cold does the water get in winter in the places where you find A. borelli?
Do you think they stay in the grassy shallow areas in winter, or do they move into a larger deeper stream?
Are there other species of cichlids there?


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not that cold got to do in winter.
when is colder I will search
and I'll take the temperature, where I found had a height of between 15cm to 60cm water
Laetacara dorsigera (burgundy belly), I found elsewhere with Apistogramma Commbrae, Bujurquina Vittata, G. balzanii.
But also shares habitat with Apistogramma Trifaciasta, Cichlasoma dimerus, Australoheros facetus, Crenicichla lepidota, Crenicichla vittata, Gymnogeophagus meridionalis


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Excellent photos! Thank you for sharing. It's great to see exactly where these fish come from. Beautiful countryside too.


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thank you very much for your words, this weekend we plan it with my brother for some Apistogramma trifaciasta, I will take a camera again and I'll take the water temperature
and if I can will do another post


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wow some of those apisto have a really nice blue color to them! seem to have lots of really nice snails also.
if you have very pretty colors males and snails were very many, also had, rivulus puntactus, and fewer hoplias malabaricus, Aphyocharax paraguayensis, Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, Aphyocharax anisitsi, Callichthys Callischthys


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Hi all,
I'll have to pull my tank already
It is only a potential problem with very small fry. I've grown it a couple of times, but it always dwindles away in the summer. I've still got U. gibba, which isn't to every-ones taste, but it is more tolerant of warm conditions and often flowers.

This is U. gibba

and you can see U. "vulgaris" in this old photo of a male "Blue-steel".

cheers Darrel


Great to see these pics!! Always nice to see the habitats of Apisto's and this one is so much different from the typical habitats in the jungle. Good to know that they can handle such cold water, if I ever get trouble paying for heating my tanks I can always start keeping borelli's!

And A. nigripinnis, one of my favorite killies! We're actually keeping and breeding this species from a couple of different locations.