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  1. F

    Best temperature for Apistogramma borellii “Opal”?

    I'm currently keeping them at 24c and was wondering if they would prefer a little cooler or if there's a recommended temperature to get a good ration of male & female offspring?
  2. derekw

    Apistogramma Coummunity tank (20 long)

    I currently have a 20 gallon long aquarium that has 1 male juvenile sunset apisto. I also have 6 neon tetras. I am creating a biotope of the Nanay river. My question is: is the tank large enough for 3 more neons, and 5 rummy nose tetra? I am running a fluval 307 cannister filter and have some...
  3. R

    Water Parameters and Stocking

    Hey all, I’ve been wanting to get some apistos for my 30gal (30” x 12” x 18”). My lfs has some red shoulder macmasteri (sold as viejita) but I’m a bit concerned about my water parameters. Currently I’m dealing with pH 7.5, KH 120 ppm, GH 140 ppm. Would that be an issue for the macmasteri, and...
  4. steveapex

    I think my female ate her eggs :/

    Hi everyone I have a harem of A. Sp Schwarzkehl, 3 females and 1 male, recently one of the females laid out her very first batch of eggs, I discovered this on Monday, she was guarding the cave continuously and taken care of the eggs constantly blowing at them, sadly on Tuesday all the eggs had...
  5. steveapex

    Please help with ID

    Hello everyone, can some knows which apisto this, in the atore they say is A. Viejita but I Googled and doesn't look like the fish in the results. his name is Marcus btw thanks in advance.
  6. kgazos

    WC Atahualpa trio

    Hello it’s my first time keeping apistos and WC fish. I am thinking of buying a trio of atahualpas because their gender cannot be identified yet due to them not being adults. My LFS is very specialized in wild caught fish and very helpful so they gave me a lot of information about this amazing...
  7. Nathanh2150

    Apistogramma double red breeding pair

    Hi all, A couple of days ago I had my first batch of eggs laid by my female double red the male fertilised the eggs as much as I know I was told to remove the male and let the female do the care of the eggs untill hatched. I noticed yesturday that the eggs had disappeared so i added the male...
  8. C

    Eye problem!

    Recently I noticed my Apistogrammas left eye was swollen and it looked like a fungal infection (not sure), I did a 50% water change and have been dosing with Melafix for 3 days now. The "fungus" has gone away now from the front and turned into this black hole which appears to be puncturing the...
  9. M

    Identification of A. Agassizii

    Hello, first time poster. I bought 4 A. Agassizii (Red) at the LFS and have only had them in my tank for a little over a day. Comparing it to other pictures of Apistos posted on here I am unsure now whether it is an Agassizii that just needs to get adjusted to my aquarium or is a whole other...
  10. Binjo

    Sold as Apistogramma Agassizii Male. I'm not so sure?

    LFS sold this to me as an Agassizii Male. He was very dark (almost black) when I bought him, but he still had the bright blue speckles. Now that it is lightening up, I am thinking it may be a Bitaeniata? Also may be female? Too early to tell? He/she is about 1.5 inch / 4cm. Any thoughts would be...
  11. M

    How to sex apistogramma borellii?

    Here's my apistogramma borellii, still fairly new to the tank. Can someone help me tell if it's male or female? And how to tell for future reference?
  12. ApistoGirl<3

    Rio Negro Biotope Stocking

    So, I have been working on a 55 g Rio Negro biotope. I have gotten so much mixed info on the stock. Here is the tank, was cloudy because i had just added water and substrate, will be adding 20 more pounds and thick leaf litter and botanicals (hopefully apistos will like the bigger botanicals...
  13. A

    Female cacatuoides not eating

    Hello! This is my first post on any type of fishkeeping forum, so please forgive me if I got something wrong/didn't give enough info. I picked up a pair of subadult apistogramma cacatuoides two weeks ago (male was about 1.5 inches, female was about 1 inch). They both looked very healthy when I...
  14. F

    Apistogramma in 20 Gallon Community Tank

    Hi all! I am thinking about setting up a 20 gallon planted tank, and want to stock it with 6 rummynose tetras, 6 kuhli loaches, some amano shrimp, and a single male apistogramma cacatuoides. I'm fairly new to the hobby so don't want to get in to breeding, so I just wanted to make sure the...
  15. Ben Rhau

    sexing borellii or steel blue

    Hi, I have a trio of apistos that were sold to me as borellii. Two of them seem obviously female (more yellowish, rounded dorsal fin tip). Two pics of the same female attached. One was sold as a male, but I'm not sure. It is less yellowish, and has more blue on the face. However, it has black on...
  16. Andy452

    Sand Substrate

    Hi Apisto Experts! I'm planning a new Apisto tank (~18gal/69liter) for my Apistogramma Agassizii pair One key point is a sand substrate, I have read that a sand substrate (~0.5mm silica sand ie filter sand) is best for apisto and their natural sifting behavior. I have never used a sand...
  17. Andy452

    New Apistogramma Agassizii pair

    Hi About 3 weeks ago I bought a pair of Apistogramma Agassizii. :) I placed them into a 9gal quarantine tank with 5 existing ember tetra as dithers. The QT tank is bare bottom with sponge filter, ceramic cave, small rock with anubias on it, and I later added a piece of wood covered in java moss...
  18. Clancey Fritsch

    Buying female apistogramma agassizii double red

    I have a male and female apistogramma agassizii and they don't get along well. My female has tried to spawn twice but my male wants nothing to do with her. And when she isn't spawing he chases her around the tank and snips at her tail. She has some damage. She is a good sport though and she...
  19. Bones

    Help with Identification.

    Just had this little girl show up on a new overseas shipment. I believe it's a female. Not sure of the ID. Please can anyone help?
  20. C

    Apistogramma and others for sale

    I have a few apistogrammas for sale as well as a few other cichlids: All fish have been QT'd, are in my possession in Calgary, Alberta and I can ship via WestJet/Air Canada across the country professionally with O2, 3 mil plastic bags and boxes with heat packs. They are fed Ruto frozen foods...