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  1. C

    A. mendezi spawned

    I've had them for about 4 months, but got lucky with 3 spawns across the two females. So far only one has successfully raised (her most recent batch) to free swimming size, but they seem to be eating well. Do mendezi grow at a "typical" rate for apistos?
  2. U

    Male or Female Hongsloi?

    Hello again, I recently got two Hongsloi. Posted asking if the smaller was a M or F and was advised 100% male. I brought him back and got a new supposed female Hongsloi, after 1 week of the new one settling in am posting asking if this time I actually got a female. Behavior of the pair is...
  3. C

    Best killilfish for a breeding apistogramma d18 pair

    Hi. I have a 29 gallon for a pair of apistogramma d18 i wanna breed. They get up to 3.5 inch as far as i know. I love how killifish looks. Is it possible for me to keep any kinds of killifish in my aquarium where i want my apitos to breed and raise fry without being in danger? If then what kind...
  4. C

    Nanochromis splendens

    Hi. I’m new to this hobby. I currently have a pair of d18 in my 29 gallon. ( 5 baby cory and a bristlenose). I just came across these beautiful fish named Nanochromis splendens. So my question is, is it possible for me to put a pair of these together with the d18 in the same tank?
  5. D

    Assistance in determining males from females please

    Hi all, I know this is a popular topic, however I am after some assistance in determining traits that differentiate me tween male and female Apistogramma Cacatuoides orange flash. I think I have narrowed it down to a few things but please tell me if I am wrong on anything or I am missing...
  6. R

    Apistogramma Macmasteri pair, no breeding behavior?

    A few weeks ago I purchased an attempted macmasteri pair (gold form) from an online site, but to my knowledge I don't think im seeing any breeding behavior? They do 'hang out' and swim around each other often, but I don't see behavior that I have seen in the past from other apistos (female...
  7. R

    Female Apisto Aggression

    So I have a long, shallow, planted 16g tank which had a female apisto macmasteri. I used to have a pair but lost the male to an illness but the female survived. The other day, I purchased another apisto macmasteri pair, I figured it would be nice to have a trio. The issue is that since I...
  8. V

    Identifying Apistogramma species

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could identify my Apistogramma species as I did not find an good answer on the internet. I added two pictures of the male and female each. Thanks in advance! (The store sold them as wildcaught ortegai)
  9. W

    Help id apistogramma

    Bought 4 what should be apistogramma borelli can anyone help me id them they are around 3 cm do i have males or females
  10. B

    Hole in the head??

    Hey guys, Am new to dwarf cichlids and just got this apisto today when I saw what looked like an injury on his head? Does this look like Hole in the Head or just a scrape? Cheers
  11. M

    Sexing apistogramma trifasciata

    Good morning, I'm new to keeping Apistogramma. I've got a singe definite developed male. I've also been sold 4 'females' with the plan to set up a harem. Two of these four are definitely male - I've used the older forum posts to identify this. I've inserted images of the other two. Does anyone...
  12. A

    Color change and aggression

    Hi. 1. Has any of you noticed a pattern of when and why apsitos change their black color markings (chromatophores)? I find this very interesting. The two pictures below are tanken a few weeks apart, and show well how my male macmasteri turns his black "on and off". Especially the dot by his...
  13. M

    Help choosing my first Apistogramma/Dwarf Cichlid

    Hi All, My first time posting on here. I currently have a 100L tall (70cm wide) South American aquarium for which i am hoping to add an Apistogramma or Dward Cichlid as a feature fish (either a single male or pair, whichever is most appropriate). I've never kept these type of fish before so...
  14. G

    Are there any common Apistogramma that are over 2.5in or 7cm?

    I am looking into breeding Apistogramma, I have bred guppies and I have kept other south American cichlids before I wouldn't consider myself a noob but I am not very experienced with Apistogramma. I have been looking into Apistogramma panduro and Apistogramma nijsseni as I really like their...
  15. A

    ID of Apistogramma sold as Viejita

    Hi! I got a beautiful new Apisto yesterday sold as Viejita in my LFS. I've read about the Macmasteri vs Viejita ID issue, and I'm starting to suspect that this is in fact a Macmasteri (at least a hybrid?). I think it is a juvenile male. Is it possible to say considering its coloration and fin...
  16. N

    Sexing Apistogramma Borellii

    Dear Forum, thanks for your help already in advance! I got two young Apistogamma borellii. Length at around 4 cm/1.5 inch. The first one is I think a male. The second one (see photo) I am not so sure about. Is it a female? (black line through the eye, the first ray of the breastfin ist also...
  17. N

    Apistogramma juruensis? ID help

    Hello, I got these little guys from a local shop today. They were being sold as apistogramma juruensis, but I’m not sold on that ID. Here are some pics Here are some photos of when I got them home I can provide more pictures once they settle in a bit. I got 4 fish, what I think is 2 males and 2...
  18. Memeboi

    Hillstream Loaches And Breeding

    Im just wondering about the viability of putting a hillstream loach in a breeding tank, mostly due to the video ''How I bred Reticulated Hillstream Loaches at home'' at the time stamp 6:43 he mentions them being Fry safe, along side video footage of them Not eating a fry Infront of them. So I...
  19. ApistoHongsloi

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Triple Red Abnormally Large Bottom Jaw???????

    My male Cacatuoides (Name is Beefchop) Has an extremely large bottom jaw. I got him last summer and this is my first time posting about it. Could it be caused by inbreeding?? Would love to hear yall's input on this. Thanks
  20. tanks4allthefish

    Hello everyone

    New to the site, hobbyist/breeders. Also on IG : @tanks4allthefish Thought of sharing some new life for a new account and first post... A.Cacatuoides Parents are III Red and have some Orange Flash genetics.