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  1. N

    Sexing Apistogramma Borellii

    Dear Forum, thanks for your help already in advance! I got two young Apistogamma borellii. Length at around 4 cm/1.5 inch. The first one is I think a male. The second one (see photo) I am not so sure about. Is it a female? (black line through the eye, the first ray of the breastfin ist also...
  2. N

    Apistogramma juruensis? ID help

    Hello, I got these little guys from a local shop today. They were being sold as apistogramma juruensis, but I’m not sold on that ID. Here are some pics Here are some photos of when I got them home I can provide more pictures once they settle in a bit. I got 4 fish, what I think is 2 males and 2...
  3. Memeboi

    Hillstream Loaches And Breeding

    Im just wondering about the viability of putting a hillstream loach in a breeding tank, mostly due to the video ''How I bred Reticulated Hillstream Loaches at home'' at the time stamp 6:43 he mentions them being Fry safe, along side video footage of them Not eating a fry Infront of them. So I...
  4. ApistoHongsloi

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Triple Red Abnormally Large Bottom Jaw???????

    My male Cacatuoides (Name is Beefchop) Has an extremely large bottom jaw. I got him last summer and this is my first time posting about it. Could it be caused by inbreeding?? Would love to hear yall's input on this. Thanks
  5. tanks4allthefish

    Hello everyone

    New to the site, hobbyist/breeders. Also on IG : @tanks4allthefish Thought of sharing some new life for a new account and first post... A.Cacatuoides Parents are III Red and have some Orange Flash genetics.
  6. M

    Sexing apistogramma macmasteri

    I got a rescued pair of apistogramma macmasteri they were in horrible conditions, they shared a 4g tank with few guppies, they were skinny and had fin rot, i managed to talk with the guy who was selling the tank to sell me his pair. The pair is in my 55g for now, feeding them heavily with live...
  7. Z

    Sexing and species of fish (revisited)

    I've previously asked, however, was asked to wait until they had settled again. They've settled after the rescape, so I've done my best to take some pictures (Chopstick seems to have turned camera shy as of late). The first three is the above mentioned fish. The next two are my two newest, sold...
  8. P

    Opinion about restocking apistos

    I lost the 1 female Macmasteri and 1 the male Agassizii the 40G breeder tank I think might be the Panda Garra that stressed them because he is chasing everyone (he was living on the tank already) so I'm taking him out this weekend. But I have no idea what happened with the male Cacatuoides on...
  9. Z

    Ram and apisto?

    Does anyone know the ability of apistos and rams in the same tank, 30gallon long. Heavily decorated, hardly space to see from one side to the other. Planing to make it more dense, and plenty of caves (from ground to top of water). The tree in the centre is flush side to side, and top to...
  10. Z

    Rescaping 30gallon long

    I am doing one last order before doing a large rescape on my apisto tank of dimensions 100cmX30cmX40cm. What are things that you would say are a must-have for Apistogramma? Or something that you prefer to have for yours? (I am also working the tank towards blackwater (where it is the darker...
  11. Z

    Apistogramma Agassizii female or male

    I am wondering whether this fish is male or female. They are around an inch in length, and I believe I've seen them colour yellow at points; however, I don't have an image of this. They have a faint black line through her tail fin; however, they also have black on their ventral fin. On their...
  12. A

    Breeding signs

    Hi guys, I think my female has chosen a cave, she’s built a mound of sand in front of it so only she can get in and nipping any fish that gets close. She’s also doing this weird shimmying dance in front of the male trying to lure him towards her cave. Will she have laid the eggs and wanting the...
  13. A

    Are these still juveniles? When will they be sexually mature?

    Hi I’m new to Apistos, I’ve had these Cacatuoides for a couple of weeks now. I’m pretty sure it’s a male and female but I’m just wondering if they’re still juveniles. How long does it take for them to become mature? Has anyone got any tips for them?
  14. R

    Apisto Macmasteri Breeding in 30g Community Tank

    Hello all, I recently got a macmasteri pair that I placed in my 30g community tank. The tank currently houses: CPDs Kubotai Rasboras Rosy Loaches Gertrude Spotted Rainbow fish Would the pair be able to successfuly breed/raise fry in this tank with the other fish in this tank? Or would the...
  15. N

    looking for rare apistos

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking to get a pair of rarer/uncommon apistos. I've looked online a ton but can't seem to find any that really strike my fancy. some of the ones I'm looking into are Apistogramma Elizabethae, Apistogramma Mendezi, Apistogramma kullanderi, Apistogramma Alto Tapiche...
  16. Z

    Apistogramma cacatuoides or Apistogramma agassizii? 120L long

    I have a 120 Litre aquarium (20-30 gallon I believe), 100cmx30cmx40cm, and wondering what apistogramma to get. The aquarium is filled with rocks and has plants to help break up the line of sight. I'm wondering what species would be the best for this tank, and whether pair or group would be best...
  17. Chandz

    A. cf. personata males

  18. D

    Cacatuoides Harem in 55 gallon

    Hi folks, I've got a cacatuoides male and 2 females in a 55 gallon, along with 3 raspboras. My goal is to breed them without having to seperate any fish at all. The tank has 4 caves, all blocking line of sight from each other. I've attached a pic of my setup, any advice on this would be great...
  19. kgazos

    Apistogramma purchase advice

    Currently I have a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteris and Agassiziis. I want to buy a pair/trio/colony of Trifasciatas. Would you recommend buying mora than 3? Also can I have a trio or a colony of Agassiziis or would it be too many? And if so can any of those Apisto species coexist in the same...
  20. kgazos

    500L/125gal Stocking ideas

    Hello everyone! I have a planted 125gal aquarium (130 l * 60 w * 70 H) with lots of driftwood and no fish currently, apart from a pair of albino bristelnoses. I have a pair of wild caught both macmasteris and agassizii in a 60gal divided tank. My question would be: Should i divide the 125gal in...