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500L/125gal Stocking ideas


Hello everyone! I have a planted 125gal aquarium (130 l * 60 w * 70 H) with lots of driftwood and no fish currently, apart from a pair of albino bristelnoses. I have a pair of wild caught both macmasteris and agassizii in a 60gal divided tank. My question would be: Should i divide the 125gal in 6 different sections and add a pair of a different apisto in each one or keep 2 kinds of apistos in a non divided tank? I would like to breed them so if there is a possibility that one pair eats more than 80% of the eggs or the fry of the other one I would prefer the divided tank. If I go with the undivided option, what other fish could I choose (right now i have 6 nannostomus mortenthaleri)? Thank you in advance!

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