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Apistogramma double red breeding pair


New Member
Hi all,
A couple of days ago I had my first batch of eggs laid by my female double red the male fertilised the eggs as much as I know I was told to remove the male and let the female do the care of the eggs untill hatched. I noticed yesturday that the eggs had disappeared so i added the male back in but have now noticed his chasing the female around the tank and bending his body wile next to the female. Also looking like he wants to nip her is this common as he wasn’t doing this before...

my tank has no other fish in it
Has a bubble filter
2x almond leaves
1x coconut shell
Aqua soil
Heater set at 27”c

This is the first time I have had these fish and was looking to breed them as a hobby.
This looks also like the first time they have spawned but didn’t have success on the first batch
What should I do with the male as I don’t want to stress the female out to much as they where brought together as a breeding pair
Photos below show them and where they laid the eggs on there first attempt.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated


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As your female just laid eggs a few days ago she won't be ready to spawn again so soon. Eggs are very energy intensive and take time to develop. Male sounds to be trying to get her to spawn now. If she doesn't have enough space or cover to retreat to she is at risk of harassment and possibly damage. If this is a small breeding tank I would remove the male again and give the female time to recover and come back into condition.


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She has space to hide to recover but feel like I may move the male back out and give it a week before bringing him back in again. I thought as she doesn’t have any eggs the male could keep her company. Wile she’s recovering.


So they can certainly cohabitate if there is enough space for each to have their own territory and zone. The borellii pair I keep have been pretty happy in a 160l with their fry and juveniles. How big is the tank they are in?