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Randall needs some help...


Active Member
5 Year Member
Hello all,

Very recently, I was offered and accepted a cichlid column in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine (FAMA). It's very exciting for me to have a regular column of my own where I can write about a myriad of cichlid and cichlid related subjects. The problem is what to do for a title? I'm clueless. :?

Can anyone think of a good original name for a cichlid column, please? The column will be a general one, but will emphasize dwarf and western African cichlids.

Any suggestions are very appreciated.


Randall Kohn


Staff member
5 Year Member
Randall's Cichlidiot Rant :lol:

Just kidding... how about

"Ask me anything so long as it is not about oscars..."

...probably not...

How about...

"Cichlidae Today"... it sings

You could always call the column.... "Cichlids"


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5 Year Member
What about "Once upon a time in the West ?" :p Since I guess it will be focused on west africans ? :p Plus, it's a damn good movie... :p



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5 Year Member
Cichlid Corner ?
Simply Cichlids?
Cichid Bits ?
The Cichlid Page?
Cichlid Digest?
Cichlid Tales?
The Modern Cichlid?
Cichlids round the World?
Cichlid Talk?
Cichlid Geek

Just a few :)