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Whats the lifespan of a A. caucatoides?
Its been 9 months since i got my caucatoides.
The male was nearly fullgrown when i got him, but a few days back he died for no reason.
I dont think it was the female who was in "the mood" because she had not the right color, and i have a 100gallon tank with plenty of hiding places.
They have spawn once before and then she chased him, i didnt see it happen now.

I have read somewhere that apisto's live shorter than other cichlids????


New Member
It is difficult to say how old your A. cacatuoides is considering the fact that it was full grown when you got it. The general lifespan of Apistogramma varies a little from species to species, but it is reasonable to assume a lifespan of 2 to 3 years, if they are given ideal conditions. In the wild they probably don't last more than a year very often, because of a number of environmental and preditory factors, but those things can be eliminated in the aquarium. I have had Apistogramma live for more than 3 years, but only rarely. If they live for 2 years, I consider myself relatively successful.Their reproductive lives are shorter, of course. So if your fish is somewhere around a year and a half, it may no longer be interested in the attention from a breeding-ready partner, which can lead to aggression problems. Most fish will try and breed even if they don't have good eggs or live ammo any more though. Neil