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Krib ID help

Fishy Eds

New Member
I have this male Krib that I am trying to ID what variety or spec. Sorry, he is very shy and doesn't like phones or cameras. Good father though.


Fishy Eds

New Member
That's what I cant figure. He doesn't have the horizontal bar that my other males have. The other males were bought at a LFS in Hickory, NC and the male in the pic was bought in Shelby, NC with the female he bred with. He does have the pinkish belly. He really looks like the Malawe, except doesn't have the dots on his caudle fin. He is very drab overall. I will try to get better pic tomorrow. Thanks for your help.


Staff member
5 Year Member
Certainly looks like a tank strain male Pelvicachromis pucher (common krib). There are MANY natural color forms and several selectivly bred forms as well. Even siblings can look very different from each other.