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Help me improve my scape?


New Member
Hi there!

I have a 120 ltr/34 US gallon tank for my male apisto cacatuoides!

In there with him is some ember tetra, pygmy corys, otos and a red whiptail cat.

I'm looking to add 1/2 females for him or alternatively a different species of apisto (male) or a Bolivian ram if not.

However I'm not happy with the big area of open water, especially if I add these fish but I don't know how to scape it...

20180306 185458

The tank currently has a big pile of wood on the right hand side that has formed a big cavern and there is another cave under the java fern on the left. I also normally have a decent amount of leaf litter too in the centre.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it!


Since I cannot help with identification or anything scientific I will help out here. You can do many things. Put big driftwood there. Put tall plants there eg crypts, barclaya depending on temp. Build a structure, hang something from above. Anything you like really. I don't think you will get many replies here as this forum is more about making it comfortable for the fish rather than the viewer.


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Hi thank you for your input, I do mean to improve the scape for the fish more so than for me I guess I just worded it badly. The plants I have in the centre are crypts so they will grow out eventually I'm just impatient I also filled the front with leaf litter now too
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I think it’s a nice tank, but yeah! Like happyfins suggested maybe add some tall plants either on sides to “close in” the viewing plane. It could be cryptos or maybe valisineria gigantea.. you could also try find some nice driftwood...

I guess that’s my two cents..


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