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apistogramma cacatuoides

  1. D

    Cross breeding of Cacatuoides?

    Hi all, I feel like the answer may be yes, but thought I’d ask those with more knowledge and experience. Will cacatuoides of different colour variations cross breed? ie a double red with a super orange? Thanks in advance
  2. L

    Rio Ucayali Biotope, Perú.

    Rio Ucayali #Biotope, Perú °Floating plants -Frogbit -Salvinia minima °Plants -Sagitaria subulata °Fish -Apistogramma nijsseni -Apistogramma cacatuoides
  3. D

    Tank Stocking 65g

    I currently have a 252L (105 x 40 x 60cm) tank set up with rock and wood as a hardscape and slowly becoming more planted. Current stocking: Pair of Apistogramma Agassizii Fire Gold 11 Cardinal Tertas 6 Harlequin Rasboras 6 Guppys 6 Corydoras 1 Bristlenose 5 Amano Shrimp I was wanting to know...
  4. husjr

    Wild cacatuodies?

    Greetings from Turkey, I bought a couple of wild cacatuodies a few weeks ago but I suspect they are juruensis. I would be glad if you can help me. I also saw the female with fry today and her color did not turn yellow. Thanks.
  5. P

    Apisto Cacatuoides Triple Red - General Breeding conversation

    Hi all - So this is just a general conversation thread, just looking for any general comments. I've read through a lot of the threads, and seen much of the basic info (ie the bigger the tank the better, separate the male after breeding, etc). I am located in Chicago, Illinois Background - 20...
  6. A

    Fin “blister” growths on cacatuoides

    Hi all - I’ve had this orange flash for about 1 year and recently he’s developed some pigmented spots on his fins that almost look like blisters. I got some reasonable shots attached and would emphasize they have a bubble-like texture. They are on every fin except pectoral and pelvic, but most...
  7. Z

    Sexing and species of fish (revisited)

    I've previously asked, however, was asked to wait until they had settled again. They've settled after the rescape, so I've done my best to take some pictures (Chopstick seems to have turned camera shy as of late). The first three is the above mentioned fish. The next two are my two newest, sold...
  8. Adithya

    Apistogramma cacatuoides

    Hello, I'm looking for Apistogramma cacatuoides red. Is anyone here from Bangalore. If they are available please help me out. Thanks in advance.l
  9. Z

    Ram and apisto?

    Does anyone know the ability of apistos and rams in the same tank, 30gallon long. Heavily decorated, hardly space to see from one side to the other. Planing to make it more dense, and plenty of caves (from ground to top of water). The tree in the centre is flush side to side, and top to...
  10. Z

    Rescaping 30gallon long

    I am doing one last order before doing a large rescape on my apisto tank of dimensions 100cmX30cmX40cm. What are things that you would say are a must-have for Apistogramma? Or something that you prefer to have for yours? (I am also working the tank towards blackwater (where it is the darker...
  11. J

    Strange behavior… Questioning if I have M/F

    Hey there everyone. About a month ago I purchased two young apistogramma cacatuoides from a LFS. I was told that the larger, more colorful one was the male and the smaller one with the yellow belly was the female. Now, I’m beginning to question if this is true. I believe I may have two males...
  12. A

    Are these still juveniles? When will they be sexually mature?

    Hi I’m new to Apistos, I’ve had these Cacatuoides for a couple of weeks now. I’m pretty sure it’s a male and female but I’m just wondering if they’re still juveniles. How long does it take for them to become mature? Has anyone got any tips for them?
  13. Z

    Apistogramma cacatuoides or Apistogramma agassizii? 120L long

    I have a 120 Litre aquarium (20-30 gallon I believe), 100cmx30cmx40cm, and wondering what apistogramma to get. The aquarium is filled with rocks and has plants to help break up the line of sight. I'm wondering what species would be the best for this tank, and whether pair or group would be best...
  14. S

    Possible to keep 2 Male Apistos in a 20g high?

    I currently have a planted community tank with: Breeding Pair of Apisto Cacatuoides 5 Phantom Tetras 5 otos I am thinking of taking back the female to my LFS because they began to breed, and actually produced fry resulting in increased aggression towards all fish within the tank. the male...
  15. S

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Female or Sneaker Male? Will not breed

    Hello! I've had this pair of apisto cacatuoides for about 8 months now and they were sold as a pair. But they have never bred and only showed some occasional flashing. The male follows the female around a lot but doesn't show aggression/chase her too hard. I was wondering if the female is...
  16. L

    Not sure what they are doing

    TLDR: I would like to know the sex of these three for sure and what this tail flick/ biting behavior is. Is it territorial fighting or mating behavior? Background I should say from the start that this is my first go at apistos but I have housed other cichlids, as well as all the 'starter' fish...
  17. A

    Male or Female? The age old cacatuoides question.

    Hi everyone! Sorry my first post here is asking for sexing help. I appreciate any advice you can give. I ordered a pair of A. cacatuoides Triple Red from a breeder online in hopes of breeding them myself. They were listed as young juveniles, so I expect they have some more developing to do and...
  18. RaduP

    Pairing my apisto cacatuoides

    Hi everyone! I just got my first apisto a few days ago, alongside an angelfish who's his best friend...it's weird how well they get along. The angel even hangs with him in the cave and he's following the apisto everywhere :)). However my question is if I should buy him a girlfriend (the store...
  19. A

    Female cacatuoides not eating

    Hello! This is my first post on any type of fishkeeping forum, so please forgive me if I got something wrong/didn't give enough info. I picked up a pair of subadult apistogramma cacatuoides two weeks ago (male was about 1.5 inches, female was about 1 inch). They both looked very healthy when I...
  20. F

    Apistogramma in 20 Gallon Community Tank

    Hi all! I am thinking about setting up a 20 gallon planted tank, and want to stock it with 6 rummynose tetras, 6 kuhli loaches, some amano shrimp, and a single male apistogramma cacatuoides. I'm fairly new to the hobby so don't want to get in to breeding, so I just wanted to make sure the...