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Hello from Taiwan


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Hello everyone,Im Casper,a college student from Tiawan.
Love fish so I choose Aquaculture for my department.
Apistogramma is my favorite genus of fish because of its colorful appearance and beautiful body languages.
It is my honor to join this big family of apisto lovers.


p1~3 is my Apistogramma jurua .sp、Apistogramma shaly .sp and A165.p4 aer my tanks



Hi Casper, welcome. Not many of us from the orient here - I'm from Singapore. If you ever come by let us know, there are a couple of apisto lovers here who would love to meet up and bring you around.

By the way, my friend has a relative heading to Kaohsiung soon and asked me to look up apisto shops for him, and I found D.C短鯛坊. Do you have other shops to recommend in Kaohsiung?

I just did a massive translation of the stock list for that shop for my friend. The naming system in the Mandarin-speaking world is so hard to follow. Maybe, if you have time to take a look, you could flag any glaring mistakes? :D

W珍寶短鯛(單公)= A. sp. Miua (male only)
W伊莉莎白短鯛對魚 = A. elizabethae
W日出(莉琪火焰)短鯛對魚 = A. huascar
W帕帕吉虹翼寶石短鯛對魚 = A. sp. Papagei
W印地安短鯛對魚 = A. iniridae
W藍色琴尾短鯛對魚 = A. paucisquamis
W舊金寶短鯛對魚 = A. mendezi
W雪莉公主短鯛對魚 = not sure... is this A. sp. Shaly?
W草莓短鯛對魚 = A. eremnopyge
W印加短鯛對魚 = A. baenschi
W熊貓短鯛對魚 = A. nijsenni
W聖塔倫紅背阿卡西短鯛對魚 = A. agassizii "Santarem Redback"
W泰菲阿卡西短鯛對魚 = A. agassizii "Tefe"
W拿破崙短鯛對魚 = A. rubrolineata
W虹彩短鯛對魚 = Nanochromis transvestitus
W紅面(阿帕契)短鯛對魚 = A. paulmuelleri
WF1龍紋短鯛(單公•單母•對魚)= Ivanacara adoketa
WF1達比切紅尾短鯛對魚 = A. sp. Alto Tapiche "Red Tail"
WF1帝王紅兩點短鯛對魚 = A. sp. Jurua
WF1藍色紅兩點短鯛對魚 = A. hoigne
WF1血斑白蘭特短鯛對魚 = A. sp. Breitbinden (Red Cheek? - the mandarin says "blood bands")
WF1裘諾公主短鯛對魚 = A. juruensis
WF1泰菲阿卡西短鯛對魚 = A. agassizii "Tefe"
WF1泰菲酋長短鯛對魚 = A. bitaeniata "Tefe"
WF1熊貓短鯛對魚 = A. nijsenni
WF1胭脂短鯛對魚 = Nannacara taenia
WF1迪亨翡翠鳳凰短鯛對魚 = Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Dehane"
B維吉塔短鯛對魚 = A. viejita
B黃金維吉塔短鯛對魚 = A. viejita "Gold"
B超紅鳳尾短鯛對魚 = A. cacatuoides "Super Red"
B紅緣藍三線短鯛對魚 = A. trifasciata
B黃金短鯛對魚 = A. borelli
B24k黃金歐寶短鯛對魚 = A. borelli "Opal"
B金眼短鯛對魚 = Nannacara anomala
B女王短鯛對魚 = A. hongsloi
B藍體超紅尾短鯛對魚 = A. agassizii "Blue Body Super Red Tail"
B血豔阿卡西短鯛對魚 = A. agassizii "Fire Red"
B黃化泰菲阿卡西短鯛對魚 = A. agassizii "Tefe" (yellow morph)
B霸王短鯛(單母)= A. panduro (female only)
B威罕短鯛(單公)= A. sp. wilhelmi (male only)
B紅尾瑪莫短鯛對魚 = A. sp. Rio Mamore (actually A. erythrura)
B藍寶石帝王短鯛(單母)= A. megastoma (female only)
B奈及利亞翡翠鳳凰短鯛對魚 = Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Nigeria Red"
B白子紅肚鳳凰短鯛對魚 = Pelvicachromis pulcher (albino)
WF1龍紋短鯛仔魚 = I. adoketa juveniles
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Hello Boofeng,
Nice to meet you too. Sorry for that I can`t immediately replying you.The college is examining in this week lol. Gladly that finally someone reply my introduction QAQ.

Sadly,I think there is just one professional apisto store in Kaohsiung, and it is D.C短鯛坊.But in Tainan, the country below Kaohsiung has a apisto store in my memory. Which is 侑婕水族魚坊. It sells apisto tetra and pleco. Here is the link :

There are some Apist. sp. wolli, your friend may like to take a look.(Sadly I don`t have enough tanks to have one pair of them)
Most of the apisto store are in the north of Taiwan.And my school is at Keelung too, wish someday I could take you two around.

Almost every translations are correct, surprising me haha. It is not easy to understand Mandarin. But In Taiwan, we usually call both A. sp. Roca Fuerte and A. sp. shaly 雪莉短鯛 in market, and use type I and type II to separate two phenotypes. I can`t distinguish them in great details either lol, expect the morph with red in the caudal.Maybe you could teach me how to distinguish them, thx :)!

I think there is a little different between red chinks and blood brands in our languege,In Mandarin,red chinks means 紅頰, color is like smearing on the chinks, and blood brands is worm kinds of brand on the body, it is hard to explain in English lol.

Use my A165 for example:

In Taiwan, we might call this type of A165 yellow chinks and metal like blue brands(黃頰跟金屬藍紋), but won`t call it blue chinks and yellowbrands(藍頰跟黃紋).

Sorry for the poor English
Best regards,


No worries, Casper. I also check in only infrequently. And your English is much better than my Mandarin, I'm sure. Re: translations - it's easy! I just cut and paste and do some Google-fu!

Thank you for the shop recommendations - I've never been to Taiwan and hope I'll have a chance to one day. You guys have a fantastic ornamental fish scene there - Apistogramma wolli, so nice! I'll definitely need your advice if I ever head up. I'm not surprised most of the apisto shops are in the north - I've read that in north Taiwan you get soft water from the tap, and in south Taiwan hard water.

Re: A. sp. Shaly and sp. Roca Fuerte - I have absolutely no idea too. All my knowledge of Apistogramma diversity is learned here at this excellent forum, and there is much I do not know. But you could ask this question perhaps in the "Species ID" section - there are so many knowledgeable and helpful people here.

Ah, I understand.... 頰 = cheeks, the base colour on the face / 紋 = brands, the markings on top of the base colour (of the face only?). Thanks for illustrating it with the photograph. :) But I still don't understand this: "血斑白蘭特短鯛" - what does "血斑" refer to? Does it refer to markings on the fins/body instead?