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Clamped fins, Hiding.


New Member
Hi all,

I have apistogramma sp. aff viejita, probably Macmasteri, bred in tank, around 4 years old, big nice male.
Today when I was feeding with dry brine shrimp eggs he sat in cave all the time, when I lifted the cave, he went out, had few bites and then quickly swum to the other side of the tank, stayed vertical next to water surface for a moment, then went back to another side where filter outlet is, stayed right on the outlet for a moment, then went under tall bogwood and sits there now with clamped fins.
Its 30g (125L) planted tank, Amm & Ni 0, Na ~5, temp 26C, ph 6.8-7
In tank: 5 kuhli loaches, 2 dwarf chain loaches, 1 blue Gourami, 1 rainbow shark, 3 amano shrimps, some cherries,
recently added 3 bristlenose plecos (around 6cm) and 6 Minnows.
In shop recommended to do anti internal bacteria treatment when adding new fish, so done two days half dose of NT Labs medication. No meds today, just added Stress coat.
Year ago done treatment for worms as two Dwarf chain loaches showed signs, were very slim, but still very active. Used Fluke-solve powder praziquantel based.
Any ideas what's wrong with him?
thank you.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
4 years is very old for an apisto. Sadly, it is probably reaching the end of its life. Still you should take solace in knowing that you took very good care of this fish. You can spend a lot of money trying to get it healthy again, but it is unlikely to help much in the long run. So long as it doesn't appear to be bothered by other fish or suffering, my best suggestion is to keep the water clean as possible and let Nature take its course.