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Cacatuoides Fry Instructions

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
I tend to mix adult brine shrimp with some bloodworms. If I could find some frozen (black) mosquito larvea (the real thing, not glassworms) I'd use them, too. Glassworms, often sold as 'white mosquito larvae' are fine, but I can't find them in large blocks. For dry food, the only one my apistos are even remotely interested in is Bugbites. There is an advantage to feeding live BBS everyday. Some dither fish fry appear every once in a while - along with that batch of apisto fry that mom has hidden from sight.


Active Member
Mine [Macs.] dont seem to like the cyclops, but they do love [live and frozen] mosquito larva, with ground shrimp pellets and powdered flake food to transition them over to flake food, I have two batches that are about 12 weeks old and there little pigs if it goes in the tank they try to eat it.

Ben Rhau

New Member
What company sells frozen glassworms? I can't find them at any of my LFS. It looks like San Francisco Bay Brand used to, but it is no longer listed on their website.