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American Cichlid Association

Levin Tilghman

New Member
5 Year Member
Hello, from Levin (New Member). Has anyone ever attended any ACA conventions, and are they a good source for rare and unusual species of dwarf cichlids?


Staff member
5 Year Member
I've attended a number of ACA convention (usually as a seller) in the past few years. They are hit and miss for dwarf cichlids. I normally bring a bunch to sell but I can't make it there this year. Have you checked the ACA forum under the for sale section? You need to be an ACA member to view that section but it would be the best place to look for lists of what people might be bringing. But keep in mind not everybody bringing fish will post there so don't be to disappointing if you don't see what you are looking for as there would still be a chance of finding fish at the convention.