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Agassizii issues. Please help!


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79D7C3A8-2C1B-4FE5-8923-DE9C4E45F0ED.png Please help! Im have some issues with an agassizii trio. First the male has had ich for 7 weeks. I’ve treated with ich-ex, salt and raised the temp. I’ve also done a ton of water changes and gravel vacs. I’ve never had ich last so long and he’s the only one in the tank with it. Then the females both have issues. One has a tumor like mass coming out of her gills and the fins are banged up and they aren’t healing at all. It’s important to know that I bought her online and she arrived with the defects. I haven’t seen any aggression between them. The seller states that she did not have the defects before shipping and even sent pictures for proof.
The second female all of a sudden formed a mass under her eye. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Please give me some direction on what to do. My next idea was setting up a bare 29 gallon hospital tank.
Thank you!



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Hi all,
The gill issue may be a <"thryroid tumour">, they result from iodine deficiency. I'm sorry to say this but I don't hold out much hope for them.

cheers Darrel


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Sorry all three of them have problems all at once, if nothing else is in the tank with them why not just use the tank there in as the hosp. tank?