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A trading place forum

Would you like to see a "trading place" forum?

  • Yes

    Votes: 38 100.0%
  • No

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Active Member
5 Year Member
Hello friends,

The Apistogramma.com forum has never been a place from which its members can buy, sell, or trade fish, but recently some members have expressed their desire to do so. Our administrator can create a new forum heading where the membership can post for sale ads, wish list ads, and fish for trade ads, etc.

May we have a yea or neigh on this subject, please?


Randall Kohn


Staff member
5 Year Member
We have steered clear of a Buy/Sell/Trade forum with respect to Neil's retail fish business. Since Neil is not doing that at the moment, I am all for a trade forum. When Neil picks up the fiah sales again we can always get rid of the forum.


New Member
5 Year Member
I agree with Ted that we hadn't posted a trading post due to Neil's business and I've personally tried getting people starting to want to trade in the lounge section. It is my opinion that since some species are limited in distribution, that having a trading area may help create a species maintenance program. If everyone lists what juveniles they have, we will be able to know which species are common or are in danger of being lost in the hobby.

~Jeremy Basch


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5 Year Member
Any news on the idea of the trading forum area? Just curious as to if it is going to happen, seems everyone is for it.



5 Year Member
Maybe not so much for selling fish, but maybe for trading (genetic variation, or even one species for another). That would also not interfere with what Neil sells when he gets his business back up.

I would also be willing to donate some to him as well. You know, post up what you are looking for or what you are trading and send him a pair while you're at it. He would easily have quite a stock at that point.


New Member
5 Year Member
To keep the topic going, I've got the following available:
Apistogramma cacatuoides Yellow Gold
Apistogramma borellii Opal

I also have some other SA fish like Geophagus and Angelfish. Visit the webpage for more information for pricing and sizes, thanks!

~Jeremy Basch


New Member
5 Year Member
Sounds like a great idea. :biggrin:

It would help everyone find fish ... It is very hard to find good apisto's.. And I have seen great fish pictures on this fourm.. and read about the fry you all are getting... so I am sure it would help in thining out your stock.

Great Idea!! :)