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Recent content by Racine Vice

  1. Racine Vice

    Hello from Racine Wisconsin

    Hi, Steven. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Racine Vice

    Hello from Atlanta, GA

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Racine Vice

    Hi. I am from Northeast America

    Hello and welcome to the forum. You have quite the variety of fish.
  4. Racine Vice

    Hello from Texas

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Congrats on the spawn.
  5. Racine Vice

    Hello from the American Midwest

    I filter my tap water through a 5-gallon bucket filled with sphagnum peat moss before it goes into my tanks. The slower it goes through the bucket, the more effect it will have. I have tried granulated peat, but I don't find it to be very effective. In my opinion there just isn't enough...
  6. Racine Vice

    Brazil exporting ban

  7. Racine Vice

    Hello from the American Midwest

    Hello from another Midwesterner, just north of the border in Wisconsin. Soft water dwarf cichlids are just about the only fish I keep. I don't think our water is too bad and I have had good success filtering it through peat.
  8. Racine Vice

    New to Forum, A. Cacatuoides & Totally Unprepared!!

    Free-swimming A. cacatuoides can eat baby brine shrimp.
  9. Racine Vice

    The fish most love when I go away!

    I am going out of town tomorrow...wish me luck!
  10. Racine Vice

    The fish most love when I go away!

    Good to hear Jeff!
  11. Racine Vice

    P. Taeniatus ID

    Very pretty fish.
  12. Racine Vice

    Good evening from the UK

    Hello and welcome to the forum Chris! The dwarf cichlid bug is a good one to catch. It's cool to hear you are going from arowana and predatory catfish to dwarf cichlids. Enjoy.
  13. Racine Vice

    P. Taeniatus 'Nigerian Red'

    Common aquarium strain kribs should not be too fussy. If the water is good and clean and the fish are well fed, they will spawn if there is a suitable place to do so. Whether the eggs hatch or the fry become free-swimming is another story. I doubt any of the other fish in your tank are...
  14. Racine Vice

    P. Taeniatus 'Nigerian Red'

    I'm not sure how experienced you are with West African dwarfs, but In my opinion a 10 gallon is going to be too small. I'm sure there are some scenarios where you could get away with it. I would be more curious as to why they won't breed in your 40 gallon? Is it because of the other fish in...
  15. Racine Vice

    New member from Canada

    Hello and welcome, nice collection you have there.