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Where's the humour?


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5 Year Member
Why is it that, when I meet fish keepers and Apistoholics (I include Westiholics in this group) I have a great time, we have a good laugh and moan about the world in general, but especially a good laugh. Why are you guys so serious when you post and what's the solution?
Maybe an off-topic place on the site like they have on one of my other favourite sites (SV1000 - that's my other passion-bikes)? Ishould never write these things in front of the other half (There's no emoticon for being thwacked over the head, but take it as read :D )


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I guess you could always post in the lounge section of the discussion board :)


I guess, when talking strictly about fish, it's best not to be overly humorous, as many times words can be misconstrued. As such, people mis interpret something humorous as an attack on them, and retaliate. :)

I personally prefer to keep the discussion to the fish, when posting in the specific sections. :)

Now to go and look at more Pelvicachromis pictures ;-)