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Water Question


5 Year Member
Testing my water from my rain water tank I observed the following:

pH 7.2
KH 30 mg/L
GH 20mg/L

I cannot understand how soft water can have a neutral pH and hold it so well.

Please explain?


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
I think we need more information:

What is the tank made of?

Is it an open tank or closed (how tight)?

What does the rainwater run off of (roof composition, etc.)?

How long has water been in the tank?


5 Year Member
Water should be ph 7

Generally rainwater will be acid when it falls due to co2....ie dilute carbonic acid

Perhaps there is a bit of leaching from roof tiles(concrete) just enough to offset the acid and add dissolved solids to the water......can't image too much air pollution at Pullenvale!

I'd image ph will drop with addition of peat or ketapang