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The End is Near


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Richfield, WI
Time to empty the fishroom and pack up for the move. I'm going through the fishroom tank by tank consolidating what I can in order to tear down tanks and move them to short term storage. But the fewer fish I have the better. So here is the start of what I have to move out with more to come over the next week or two.

Wild Caught Fish
14 bleeding heart tetra 7/$20 14/$35
1 Synodontis filamentosus $35
2 female Pelvicachromis taeniatus Moliwe 2/$10
3 Ancistrus ranunculus Medusa Bristlenose $25 3/$60
1 Hemichromis fasciatus Lake Volta $5
2 L129 Hypancistrus sp. Colombian Zebra $20 each
2 L201 Hypancistrus inspector $25 each
3 Corydoras triliniatus 3/$10
2 Corydoras reticultaus 2/$7
2 Synodontis cf. koensis $5 each
1 male Pelvicachromis roloffii Kolonte River $5

Tank Raised Fish
1 male/4 female Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara flame tail F1 $50/gr
1 Hondurian Red Point $1
2 (possible pair) Tilapia zillia F2 $15
4 female Betta splendens Dragon Scale $5 each

Prices have been slashed and if you take multiple groups additional price breaks can be worked out.


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5 Year Member
Richfield, WI
Not sure. I want to get about 20 tanks up this week so I can get the handle of fish I kept back. Then I have a few projects to knock out on the house before I can start framing out the fish room.

I hope to have more tanks running in 1-2 months but I'm guessing "full force" won't happen until at least late summer. Maybe even not until 2015. I'm taking the fishroom from about 200 tanks to most likely 350-400 so it will take time and happen in stages.

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