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Tank mates for Borelli pair


New Member
Hello (first time poster),
I just recently setup a new 40 Gallon tank for some Apistos Borelli. The tank is still not very mature - it is fully cycled and water parameters are stable and more or less what I would like to see.

A couple of days I introduced a pair of Borellies and they look beautiful. Now I would like to bring some more energy into the tank.
Current tank:
PH: 6.5
TH: 5
KH: 6
Temp: 24 degree (75 degree farenheit)

Current livestock:
6 Otos
15 Yamato Shrimps
Pair of Apistos

Generally the tank has rather strong filter for its size (Eheim Pro4+ 600). The upper part of the tank has a rather strong but the lower part (also because of the cave/valley like design) has a more gentle one. The apistos obviously spend most of their time in this valley which also has a couple of cages for them. Also as you see in the picture it is rather heavily planted (not really mature yet) and has quite some hardscape. Basically the free swimming area is limited.

Originally I was thinking to have apistos and rams but since I fell in love with the borelli pair it does not seem a good combination anymore due to the temperature preference differences (probably will do this in another tank with a different type of apistos). Of course I considered the obvious choices like tetras, danios or rasboras but I already have them in other tanks so were thinking something new. I thought about gouramis but not sure why I kind of worried about that idea.
Anybody has some suggestions what could be good tank makes in this tank setup?
Thanks for all the help and suggestions.


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5 Year Member
Let me start off by suggesting a tiny fish called Rasbora Maculatas, they are easy to find and are very good with a pair of apistos. If you want Boraras brigittae because they are prettier, go ahead, but they cost more as a dither fish.

The Maculatas will give the Borellii more confidence in the tank and encourage them to display more often to each other. Also, the Maculatas are long lasting and eat most flake or granules.


New Member
Thanks. The Boraras brigittae looks like a nice option. Maculatas I already have in a separate tank and only for that reason I would probably opt for something new :D


Correction: 48 Gallon not 40 (182 liters)

Nice tank! Is that a 90P? If so I believe it's 48 gallons including glass and 44 gallons of interior volume.

I'm working on setting up a 90P myself and plan to have at least one apisto pair in it. Did you decide on tank mates for your Borellis?

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