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substrate sands.


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hi all!

i'm dreaming of getting a new larger tank to replace one of my 75 liters. the idea so far is a clearwater tank to house either some clearwater apistos or some dicrossus maculatus.
so far it's just on the drawing board/dream scenario.. heheh

a week ago or so i found this substrate, so i'd like to hear which one of them would be best suited to a tank like that (-only looking at the first 3). based on what i have seen in photos and videos i think the first one (heaven sand).

i do have a few worries about this sand/substrate, though.
they write on their site it's "naturally cosmetic" and natural silica sand. -so i need to figure out if it's colored sand or just pleasing to the eye.
has any of you any experience with products from them?



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Wiltshire UK
Hi all,
This one <"WIO sand">? Silica sand to it should be fine.

I'll be honest I just "play sand" at a fraction of the price, but it is usually the colour of the "Heaven sand".

I've actually gone away from using mixed particle sized sand, it looks more natural, but due to sand sifting (by the fish and Malaysian Trumpet Snails) all of the big grains always end up on top via <"granular convection">.

cheers Darrel


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Thanks darrel!

Ye! I thougt of giving sands with mixed grain size a go, because i saw Ivan mikolji’s morichal river documentay.
I use riversand in all my tanks now, which is more or less evensized.

I think i just got thrown off by the phrase “naturally cosmetic”… -thanks for your input, all.
I guess i’ll just have to wait and see wether or not this “dream” will ever become a thing.


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Apistomaster wrote on anewbie's profile.
I see that The Wet Spot Tropical Fish currently has the fire red A. agassizi you are looking for. Here is the link:
I've always had good experiences buying from them on line.
I am Hanzle from Holland and keep apistoos for 40 years. Had my own aquarium shop from 1984 till 1988. Always s great fan from apistoos and hyphessobrycon which is s great combination in a Community Aquarium. Perhaps.....in the near future I start breeding apistoos again. Have a 400 liters Community aquarium for hyphessobrycon wadai and apistogramma biteaniata.
I want to get a 55 gallon slightly planted tank with many caves and I am thinking of getting 2 electric blue acaras, 3 blue rams, a apistogramma, 3 angelfish, and some corrydoras. Will that work if I keep the temperature at about and 80 or less?
I have kept fish for quite a long time but never cichlids. I want to find out more about them.
my Hongsloi, keep eating their eggs, any help greatly appreciated