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New Apistogramma keeper!

Frank Hättich

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The new photos actually strengthen my belief that it is a cruzi-subcomplex species close to A. sp. Nanay: the shape of the dorsal fin, the wide abdominal stripes and the yellow pectoral fins all point towards this. As pointed out by Mike, the split in bar #6 is of course typical for eunotus-subcomplex species, but (as shown in the photo above) it can also be found in fiish that we tend to call “A. sp. Nanay”. If I had to name this fish I would probably call it A. cf. sp. Nanay.


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I aspire to create a tank exactly the same as yours Kaanie. I've kept kribensis successfully in a quite poorly planted community aquarium in my distant past. It worked at the time but it was pre-internet and my success was due to luck and ignorance.

I recognise that success is as dependent on the personalities of the cichlids as the scape, but I have a very heavily planted tank now and I'm contemplating adding a small number (2-3) of apisto borealli or perhaps Laetacara curviceps.

At this stage I am still watching, reading and learning - and mindful of the collective experience on this forum, and its general tone of pessimism about community tanks.

I'd love to hear an update on your recent progress.

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