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My intro!

Hey everyone. I’m kind of new to keeping Apistogramma and was excited to learn about this forum. I’m a wildlife biologist from eastern Kentucky in the USA with lots of experience in native fishes, so that’s one reason Apistogramma interest me so much (massive diversity in genus mixed with tons of selective bred varieties!).

I’ve kept fish a bit in the past, but just got into cichlids in the past year or so. Rams are what did it for me initially, then I picked up a pair of A. cacatuoides to try and breed. Sadly, the male isn’t super interested so a few people in various groups suggested I try and get another female and add her to the pair in a new tank. In doing that, I got a free fish that turned out not only to be male…but also a completely separate species! Haha. That was just a day or two ago, and it hooked me.

Long story short, I’m diving hard into all of this and am excited to learn from folks who have done this before and know considerably more about this genus than I do!

Thanks for having me, and I’m excited to find out everything I can about the various species and species groups of these beautiful little fishes!

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Please send me info regarding cuipeua. Thx, Joe.
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Where are you located?
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Longtime fish enthusiast for over 70years......keen on Apistos now. How do I post videos?
Looking for some help with fighting electric blue rams :(