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Minimum Tank Size for 1 Dwarfcichlid


5 Year Member
Hi all!
Haven’t posted here in a while....
All my tanks are long gone due to lack of time / space. Only a small tank remains (4 gallon), which until recently housed my favorite betta who died after three years.
I’d like a break from my bettas and was wondering if you would house a dwarf cichlid in that tank. I was opting to buy a young ramirezi male. It would obviously be housed alone.
I have kept rams and apistos for about 5 years in the past. They were never alone though and I used a 20 gallon.

Thanks in advance


New Member
The smallest I have had a pair of Apistogramma Agassizii in was a 8 gallon / 30 liter that was for a quarantine tank. I think for even 1 male i would not go smaller than this and you would want to decorate it well so there are multiple points of interest for him - if that makes sense.
You could even add a handful of ember tetra.

I'm sure you know this but going to a larger tank would give some flexibility in terms of stocking in the future should you choose to also tanks with larger water volumes can be easier to maintain and be more stable.

But hey if space does not permit at this time go for a 8 or 10 gallon and see how it goes.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
For a single Ram, probably your 4 gallon tank is ok. For an apisto it would depend on the species.


5 Year Member
Thanks for your input!
If I actually go through with this I’ll probably just go with a Ram.
The only Apisto I can both easily find and would want to buy right now is an Agassizii. I think Cacatuoides and Macmasteri get quite bigger.

Please note that I wouldn’t keep it in that tank forever, I’d be sure to get a bigger tank or give it to someone else in the future.