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Keeping Dicrossus with Biotoecus


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I am setting up a 600 gallon planted tank (7 x 3 x 4 ft) that will have a large sandy foreground area with wood mulch and botanicals. I also have in my fish room a group of 9 Dicrossus warzeli and another group of 10 Biotoecus (I can't remember if I got them as opercularis or dicentrarchus - how do I tell?). I'm thinking of adding both groups of dwarf cichlids into my planted tank to add some activity amongst the botanical covered sand and am wondering if both types would coexist together. They seem more chill in groups than other dwarf cichlids like apistogramma and ivanacara so I'm hoping that this would work out. There would also be cories in the tank.


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I have never kept any of the two species, so i can’t tell for sure, but i imagine two bottomdwellings cichlids might not be a good idea. Are both species territorial? If so, i’m rather sure its a no eventhough the tank is pretty big.
Not sure about the cory’s either…

Meh!! -better wait for the pros.



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Clarkston, WA
I don't know much about Biotocus but ideally I think Dicrossus like to have about enough territory to contain a billiard table. That said, the firts time I had Dicrossus filamentosus breed was in a home made ten gallon tank. I built a lot of them using the L X W X H dimensions of 20 in X 12 in X 10 in high. Those were great little breeding tanks.Standard 10 gal but laid over on the side.

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