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don't go holidays in Greece


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5 Year Member
five dogs hunged alive two weeks ago in SITIA - CRETE - Greece and shocked every dog , animal and nature friend in Greece

the following link shows the cruelty http://anergoidimosiografoi.blogspot.com/2009/05/5.html

For the most Cretes the citizens of the island of Crete it is something normal and the rescent years many stories like this did came to light from Crete

all they know to say ( to tourists ) is that this is the place were the first european civilization flowered but they do nothing to be civilized

As a Greek i can't accept these " barbarian tactics " and i hope that the light of the Greek civilization were there was animal medical care and love and respect for nature is still lighting at least in the other nations of the world

edit ... i forgot to mention that the dogs were hunged in such a way that they could reach the ground , a fact that made them suffer for 8 hours until they finally died

please help make this murder known to everyone


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Too late I'll be there Aug 3rd.

I love those beaches, ouzo, gyro.....but not the fifty pounds I put on. Too bad you can't shed weight like you lose time when you cross the Atlantic.