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Apistogramma Cacatuoides female with Agassizii Male?


New Member
Hi all,

I'm in a dilemma! I recently ordered a new A Cacatuoides Male from a fish store to replace one that I sadly lost a few months back. I have let the female A Cacatuoides I had grow out a bit just to ensure she is a female.

I picked my male up today and queried the species as it didn't look right. However they assured me it was a cockatoo Cacatuoides so I thought I'd take him. I've now researched it and am convinced he's a Agassizii Male.

My question is can I keep him with a female A Cacatuoides or will they fight? They both seem ok at the moment. Worse case I could return him back to the store but it's an hour away and I feel it's unfair to put the fish through the journey again.

I'd really love to keep him but I'm not sure if I can?


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
It really depends on the size of the tank, how it is decorated, and the temperament of the individuals. Generally there shouldn't be a problem.


Active Member
If your original goal was to get a Cacatuoides...then the 1 hour trip is worth it in my books. Not only did you want a male of the same species, but the LFS sold you the wrong fish.

I'd call and ask the return policy on the fish, and bring him back for a direct swap...so long as your fish doesn't look stressed, he should be fine to make the trip...


New Member
Well I did just that yesterday. The male Agassizii was chasing and harassing the female.

The store did not have any Cacatuoides males although they still seems to think the one I returned was!

My female is alone again but happy. I need to trust my judgement more next time.



Did you get any pictures of the male? There's a number of people on here that could clear up that discussion completely with a true ID.


Donating Member
Sounds like you should find a new LFS! I've been guilty of being very 'British' in these circumstances before and not wanting to cause a fuss!