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Apisto. sp. Tefe breeding set up


5 Year Member
A friend of mine picked up a pair of A. sp. Tefe. He would like to set them up to breed. I have never owned this particular species. So, I have no first hand information to give him. We are looking for a little help with this one.

Here are the parameters of the tank he has them in presently: 10 gallon tank bare bottom covered in almond leaves and a sponge filter, pH 6.8-7.0 at 78 degrees F with a couple of caves.

Where does he go from here?



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5 Year Member
Hi all,
10 gallon tank bare bottom.....Where does he go from here?
I suggest putting in a thin layer of sand, adding some floating plants and Java moss and then feed heavily with a varied diet of, ideally live, food. I know the females can breed under the leaf litter, but I would put in some caves as well to give her a choice. I like 1/2 coconuts planted with moss, but small clay pots etc. will also do.

Have a look at ApistoBobs pages on care, water etc.
http://www.dwarfcichlid.com/index.php pictures of some breeding set ups are here: <http://www.dwarfcichlid.com/Good_habitat.php>

I think the pH will probably need to be a little bit lower as well, but others will be able to give you more exact parameters.

cheers Darrel

Mike Wise

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IMHO a 10 is a bit small, but do-able if you are experienced. Your pH (and probably dKH) is a bit high for successful reproduction. Try to drop the pH to ~5.5 and the keep the carbonate hardness <2° dKH. Gool looking fish!