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Advise on sexing agassizzi double full red


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hi everyone.i was just wondering if someone could tell me how to say a difference between male and female apistogramma agassizzi double full red with some pictures too.cos I can't find anything clear on Internet that shows difference and also shows a picture so I can actually see it and compare.


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In general, males will develop more blue on the cheeks, longer points on the Dorsal and Anal fin tips, more prominent pattern along the edges of the Caudal fin, and longer rays in the middle of the C fin creating the classic spade-shape . Females will develop more black pigment on the front edge of the pelvic fins, more yellow and less blue on the body, shorter D and A fin tip, and usually a pattern-less caudal fin, rounded at the end, without a spade-shape. However, in the "fancy" domestic varieties of Apistogramma, females can sometimes have male-like features. Also, young males in the presence of a larger dominant male can suppress their male-features and look like females to avoid being attacked. It's tricky to tell with young fish.


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Hi.thanks for a respond.i think my fish are then too small to identifie 100% cos they are just 1,5 inch.but I can see that one of them is like yellow colour and the other one has a little bit of blue on its face so I am hoping they are male and female.i bought them on Internet as a pair.so how big will they have to be to sex them properly? And also what do you think how old are they now at this size?

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