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Accepting JULY 2014 POTM Submissions


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This month's Picture of the Month (POTM) theme is open to FISH WITH FRY. Here's how this will work. Your photo must have an adult fish along with at least eggs, fry, or juveniles in it, or just fry. This will be a more skilled photo contest, so the photo doesn't have to have been taken this month...but it still has to be YOUR photo. Submissions will be accepted through July 25th.

We also have a sponsor for this month, Aquatic Clarity (www.aquaticclarity.com), who is donating a $25 gift certificate to the first place finisher (U.S. only)....so get your photos in!

Please EMAIL your entry to [email protected] ; be sure to include your username, the species name (if known - or best guess), along with a brief description of the fish.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the POTM rules.

Additionally, please keep in mind that photos submitted for previous month's contests are not eligible.