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I'm utterly new to this. My husband has a new tank and asked me if I'd like to pick a fish! I picked an apistogramma sunburst male and two females. They were all living very happily with some tetras, and few rainbows. It's a heavily planted tank (55 gal) and both of my girls had fry which was a lovely surprise. We then added two pairs of pearl gourami. All good so far! Unfortunately we had a worm infection bought in (we think) by a wild caught whiptail. My beautiful apistogrammas were wiped out, all the fry were gone (or so we thought!)

We treated the tank and have waited. We lost my three lovelies, four female rainbows and two tetra. The tank is now stable and we've had no other losses or signs of illness.

So, tonight we went to replace my apistogramma! I went for a beautiful double red cacatuoides male and two females. BUT, I don't think one of the females is what the shop said she is! I need your help! I've managed to get a photo of my male and my suspicious female. My other female is almost certainly a female cacatuoide but I haven't managed to get a picture yet.

The really strange bit is while I was happily watching the three newbies settle tonight I spotted a very very small apistogramma! About 1cm, very dark, full stripe down it's middle. I can only think that it's a fry that survived!!! I'd really like some advice about that too! (No Picture yet but I'll try!)

Picture 1, my original sunburst :(
Picture 2, my new double red
Picture 3, my anonymous fishy!

Huge huge thanks!!


Mike Wise

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Welcome to the forum. The top photo is a male Orange Flash A. cacatuoides, the middle is most likely a male Triple-red A. cacatuoides and the bottom photo is a male A. agassizii. I imagine your original Sunburst Apistos were A. agassizii and this is a surviving offspring of the trio.
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