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A. trifasciata


5 Year Member
My adult male A. trifasciata has coloured up really well. Is this an aquarium strain or are the wild fish this nice?



New Member
5 Year Member
Hard to say if it was wild caught or not. Most wild specimens come in sub-adult size or smaller. Their fins are usually torn here and there and they lack a lot of color. The fish may even be under weight from lack of food, etc. If you bought your fish and it looked similar to this, then yes it probably was wild caught. I have also seen some nice wild fish come in but these are more of an exception then the norm. The best way is to go through who you bought the fish from to find out. However, A. trifasciata is well established in the hobby so in all likelyhood, it is tank raised. Nice looking male you have there. Good luck with him!