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A.agazissi "Tefe Pearl Blue"


New Member
Hello to all fellow apisto-fans!

I work in a large (by Norwegian standards) petshop, and we make large imports from among other countries, Singapore. The exporters there have a lot of Apisto species on their lists, but as we all know, they are'nt always the most accurate when it comes to the correct names and "sp.names".
I came across A. agazissi "Tefe Pearl Blue", and the pictures they provided suggested that it is indeed an "aggie". My question for the Apisto-guru's here is as follows: is this a known, valid location-name/ morph, or just another man-made variety? I couldn't resist them, so I ordered a trio in XL size ;)

Any reply is truly appreciated!

Best regards,


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
It is not a valid location-name/morph. It is a trade/descriptive name. Even the 'Tefe' may or may not be accurate. If they look good to you and are healthy then no problem.

Tom C

Well-Known Member
5 Year Member
This is a fish I bought as A. agassizii "Tefé Pearl Blue" many years ago.
Obviously a form of A. sp. "Tefé":

http://apisto.sites.no/resizeimage.aspx?image=6044.jpg&width=600&sign=%20%20Tom C