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A. agassizii “Fire red” Predicament

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Post #15 has the hallmarks of a mating ritual. Posts #18 & 20 show pre-spawning ritual. Most books on apistos discuss this. As long as neither fish shows physical damage then I would leave them alone. On the safe side I would put a piece of floating pipe at the top as a refuge.


Thanks everyone for your help. The male and female fire red have been living *mostly* harmoniously together for the past three days. Both fish seem unstressed. No spawn yet, as the female doesn't appear to be very receptive to the male's advances. I just started feeding some live black worms and I have been starting up with some frequent, small, and colder water changes to encourage them to spawn. I am just happy that the two can live together now without a divider in place.


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It's a crap shoot, you just never know and be ready to change things up, I read somewhere "that the best way to fail is to keep doing the same thing".