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1.60m South American biotope


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The area above the tank, did you add a rocky background? Also can you describe the glass? I think I see a key lock and am guessing the glass panel slides.


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The area above the tank has a own made background. I used styrofoam plates and sprayed some PUR foam on it. Later I used Elastopur mixed with a brown color pigment. After that I have covered the background with peatfibers.

The glass panels in the section above water has 4 sliding glasses. Two of them has a hole in it, just for easy sliding.


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Amazing tank! What are the water parameters and what light and plants are you using? Regards


It all depends on how good the parents are for their juveniles. I had juveniles sp. Erdfresser in this tank. The Megalechis are still small ones, but I’ll have to see if I keep them. The same with Brachyrhamdia meesi. I’ve read stories of both species that are able to get some small fish.

But I love it when I put food in the tank. Both species will get to the food as quick as possible.