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  1. D

    A. baenschi ID confirmation

    Hey, I just got a pair of apistos labeled as Apistogramma baenschi, and wanted to confirm if this is correct as I have never seen them in person before. Thanks!
  2. U

    Apisto ID

    Hello, I purchased this pair about 3 months ago sold as viejita, knowing that they are probably macmasteri because I liked them the most still. They were next to some being labeled macmasteri. Since this forum has been so helpful with my hongsloi wondering if anyone can ID/give any info...
  3. U

    Male or Female Hongsloi?

    Hello again, I recently got two Hongsloi. Posted asking if the smaller was a M or F and was advised 100% male. I brought him back and got a new supposed female Hongsloi, after 1 week of the new one settling in am posting asking if this time I actually got a female. Behavior of the pair is...
  4. V

    Identifying Apistogramma species

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could identify my Apistogramma species as I did not find an good answer on the internet. I added two pictures of the male and female each. Thanks in advance! (The store sold them as wildcaught ortegai)
  5. A

    ID of Apistogramma sold as Viejita

    Hi! I got a beautiful new Apisto yesterday sold as Viejita in my LFS. I've read about the Macmasteri vs Viejita ID issue, and I'm starting to suspect that this is in fact a Macmasteri (at least a hybrid?). I think it is a juvenile male. Is it possible to say considering its coloration and fin...
  6. P

    Please help identify and sex this apisto!

    Sold as a female cacatuoides alongside an obvious male, but I'm thinking the female might be agassizii double red?? (Picture of male for reference)
  7. G

    Apisto ID

    Hi all, I acquired these apistos and I'm not sure what they are. They're a bit over an inch and a half. The guy I got them from told me they are macmasteri... I don't think they are. I think there are male female at least. Any ideas? Two photos of male, one of female (darker and yellow). Thank...
  8. P

    Hello all! New to the group!

    Hello! I currently have 4 different apisto types! I have Cacatuoides Triple Red, Agassizi(double red, white seam, fire red, and fire gold), Hongsloi, and also a group of random Apistos I got that were being rehomed. My main purpose for joining is to hopefully get some Insight as to what species...
  9. L

    Cacatuoides Color ID and Age

    Curious about my little cacatuoides guy's color and age is. I understand he may be too young to really know what color he's going to be, but just curious, and also curious when I might be able to ID if not now. Hard to tell in the pictures, but his anal fin does have a yellow/orange tint to it...
  10. steveapex

    Please help with ID

    Hello everyone, can some knows which apisto this, in the atore they say is A. Viejita but I Googled and doesn't look like the fish in the results. his name is Marcus btw thanks in advance.
  11. T

    Cacatuoides ID and sexing help

    This is my first apisto, he was sold to me as a cacatuoides double red male, unsure of the age but he's about 2 inches long total and I've had him a week. I believe he is indeed a male because of the longer spikes at the front of his dorsal fin, but would like your all's input in confirming...
  12. W

    Apistogramma sp. Identification

    I am looking for some aid in identifying this Apistogramma species, and also perhaps whatever additional information someone could supply on them. During the past three weeks, I have been studying books and online resources to identify this fish. It seems most similar to A. velifera, but as I...
  13. R

    Any ideas on this blue apisto?

    I follow a guy on Instagram and he posted a couple of pictures of an apistogramma agasizzii he has. Do any of you guys know what kind of agasizzii this may be? I’ve tried to search but nothing comes close. either way it’s a beautiful apisto and not one I’ve seen before.
  14. M

    Identification of A. Agassizii

    Hello, first time poster. I bought 4 A. Agassizii (Red) at the LFS and have only had them in my tank for a little over a day. Comparing it to other pictures of Apistos posted on here I am unsure now whether it is an Agassizii that just needs to get adjusted to my aquarium or is a whole other...
  15. Binjo

    Sold as Apistogramma Agassizii Male. I'm not so sure?

    LFS sold this to me as an Agassizii Male. He was very dark (almost black) when I bought him, but he still had the bright blue speckles. Now that it is lightening up, I am thinking it may be a Bitaeniata? Also may be female? Too early to tell? He/she is about 1.5 inch / 4cm. Any thoughts would be...
  16. J


    Hi all got 2 new apistogrammas today im pretty sure its a male agassizii fire red (pic 1) but he gave me what he said was a female but im unsure what the exact species is any ideas ? Appreciate the help
  17. Don R

    Identification help on A. Cacatuoides 'Super Red'

    I could use some helping figuring out if this is a female or a sneaker male. Thanks!
  18. Drayden Farci

    Apistogramma sp. "Green Spot" - Puerto Maldonado

    Hello! Any help ID-ing this fish would be appreciated. Sold as A. sp. "Green Spot" and from Puerto Maldonado. Video is not the best but they appear to be mostly blue-bodied. Fairly obvious caudal spot that spans almost the width of the body at the tail. First few dorsal rays are black in all...
  19. Drayden Farci

    ID Needed - A. uaupesi or A. lineata?

    This fish is reportedly from the Rio Atabapo. I have a female who hides all the time, but she has the same tail shape and pelvic markings. The video might seem long with some boring parts, but hopefully there are enough fin flares and behavioral twitches to help ID this guy. He's still in a QT...