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Any ideas on this blue apisto?


New Member
I follow a guy on Instagram and he posted a couple of pictures of an apistogramma agasizzii he has. Do any of you guys know what kind of agasizzii this may be? I’ve tried to search but nothing comes close. either way it’s a beautiful apisto and not one I’ve seen before.


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
It is a domestic color morph. It could be a mix of several wild forms/species in the A. agassizii superspecies.


New Member
Thanks. Since becoming interested in apistos I’ve found that the domestic strains vary and often there are a bunch of different names all given to the same type e.g fire red, super fire red but the image is of the same fish. This often makes it difficult to identify.


Active Member
What ever color form it is, it's a nice looking fish, I mostly stick to WC or F-1's but I do like some of the color morph's.


New Member
In that second picture does the orange fish look ok? Gills and big red poo? I’ve never seen that before so was curious.


New Member
I’m inclined to agree I think it may be the diet. My rams and apistos have red poop when they’ve had certain foods.