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Mike Wise
Mar 16, 2004
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June 14
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Mike Wise

Moderator, from Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Staff Member 5 Year Member

Try either here or: apistowise@earthlink.net Jan 22, 2019 at 8:10 AM

    1. apistodave
      Mike contact UWE--
    2. apistodave
      Mike--going to Germany in Nov--there is a guy collecting in Fr Guyana right now and I might have access to some of the fish--Gossei??? interesting huh.
    3. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      I have 2 pair that I brought back from the UK, but waiting for this fall to start breeding. Can't help you now, sorry.
    4. jasonste
      Do you possibly know where i could find apisto wilhelmi/ abucaxis? I thought you might have a lead.
    5. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      I don't have anything to sell; reserved for club talks. You'll find some interesting apistos at the ACA convention this weekend in Denver.
    6. rballi
      Mike, i got some eunotus from you at one of the local auctions here some time ago. I am looking to make some apistos the centerpiece of a 125 planted that has been set up for a couple of months now and was wondering what interesting species that you might have. Thanks

    7. Jacco
      Hi Mike, I would like to organize webinars about apiso's. What I' d like to know is if you would like to give a presentation? And if so what subjects would you have and what would it cost. I read you give lectures... But for me your just a little bit far away :) and I hoped this would be an intersting way to share.
      Kind regards, Jacco.
    8. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      Any very small live food. Microworms are often used. What is important is that the food moves in the water.
      1. tajaba likes this.
    9. tajaba
      Hey mike, I need some help. Apart from baby brine shrimp, are there any other food that I can feed the fry when they hatch? I don't think I can find them here in thailand.

    10. Mike Wise
    11. edwliang
      hi mike, how are you? i am looking for some good apisto books for reference. can you recommend some?
    12. Champ_17
      It seem Rio tigre has a red portion than others location. The tank which my bitaeniata was kept was labeled the name Bitaeniata victoria(??) and Bitaeniata shishita so i don't know what exactly locaton.
      thank you so much for replying my answer. : )
      1. Mike Wise
        Mike Wise
        The Rio Shishita is just downstream from the Rio Ampiyacu & a common collecting site. Victoria could be for any of several towns.
        Dec 22, 2012
    13. Champ_17
      1. Mike Wise
        Mike Wise
        My A. bitaeniata is from the Río Tigre. It is a really beautiful population. I brought it back from my 2008 trip to Peru. The photo was taken in Peru. Your yellow form is a form found in many locations in the Peruvian Amazon. I don't know exactly from where your fish came. Color will vary, but color foods will bring out existing colors.
        Dec 19, 2012
    14. DwarfApisto
      Hey Mike can you tell me if you think its Gephyra or agassizii?? Hope its a clear enough pic for you, Thanks
    15. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      Methylene Blue shouldn't affect the bacteria in a sponge filter, only the fungus & spores. The sponge filters are easy to fill w/bacteria.
      1. Jacob Rodriguez likes this.
    16. Jacob Rodriguez
      Jacob Rodriguez
      Hey mike I was wondering if I use a sponge filter in methylene blue is that ok or should I use it when water clears.
    17. afra
      forgot to get you my email address in the last message wsensor@windstream.net
    18. afra
      Mike, can email me your up to date list of apistos. Our BAP chairman here in Pittsburgh says from wht he can find out that the sp. Pebas I turned is not valid and should be Papagei. I got a new computer so I lost your email address or I would have emailed you.
      How are the Cruzeiro getting along?? Any fry yet??

    19. chris1932

      How are the fish you got at ACA?
    20. dwarf cichlids in Az
      dwarf cichlids in Az
      Mike I want to tjank you for the help you gave my nehpew a few monthe back on his question about breeding rams he had a German bule male that spawned with a gold female he was able to raise about half of them I have smoe in one of my tnaks to grow off he gave some away and kept the rest.He now has 3 tanks that he take care of with very little help from me or his folks. Thank again
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