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Recent content by animalmgc

  1. animalmgc

    A. sp. "Miuá"

    nice fish great to havr met you on FB hope to talk soon
  2. animalmgc

    Some good dealers

    been dealing with Apistodave for MANY years without a problem 1 doa out of 30ish deliveries seems to be quite a nice record and a lot of his fish are quite amazing I bought the same F1s from him and they bred in a week
  3. animalmgc

    N. America Looking for Apistogramma Macmasteri female

    also lookin for female Macs if theres enough to go around
  4. animalmgc

    Current list

    I would imagine its current hes usually real good with that I think he might be in the middle of moving
  5. animalmgc

    Current list

  6. animalmgc

    Dwarf Cichlid Preorder List

    http://www.zbbf.de/forum/showthread.php?t=13700 heres a pic on a german site can't read German so not sure
  7. animalmgc

    what is he?

    my guess would be Mac Masteri
  8. animalmgc

    wtb borellii

  9. animalmgc

    On-Line suppliers

    I think Daves in peru with Uwe
  10. animalmgc

    Help ID this plant!?

    Alternanthera reineckii needs about 2wpg
  11. animalmgc

    Wanted Apisto Vielfleck In The Uk

    it would be great to find this fish in the United States There are some people overseas that have them heres the site https://www.facebook.com/groups/apistogramma/
  12. animalmgc

    A. luelingi

    shipping to san diego overnite and do you have pics
  13. animalmgc

    Looking for A. cacatuoides Breeders

    Dave is always willing to help did you try E mailing him? [email protected] usually he responds right away (1 or 2 days) unless hes busy with something
  14. animalmgc

    help with a ID and a female please

    sold to me as Aggasizii "Alenque" needing a ID and if possible a female
  15. animalmgc

    A. breitbinden and A. barlowi

    I would probably post this in the buy/sell section at the bottm I know [email protected] aquaticclarity has barlowi