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You'll never Guess what Happened to Me on Christmas Day

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Half-Black Black-tails


My name is Patricia, and i am turning 17 on New Year's Day. I know... I know a New Year's Baby. Heard it all before so please spare me.

I love my two Arabian horses, right from Arabia since my uncle lives there. One is solid black stallion [very rare coloration] and called Mystery. The other is a light grey mare and called Ghost-Rider.

I love to ski and write stories [i have published two stories but can't remember for who or where they want].

I have two 2 1/2 gallon tanks, and one ten gallon tank. The 2 smaller tanks are for isolation and treatment for sickness. The ten gallon will soon be filled with plastic and live plants as well as two female adult Blue Platies and a Tudexo male and their offspring.

I am thinking of mixing the Blue platies with a Tuxedo Platy strain to create a blue tuxedo platy. I know what you're all thinking. How does she know that she can do this and that the fish she is getting aren't all mutts. Let me set this straight.

All the fish varieties for livebearers, except for Mollies, are kept to a tank of themselves. Therefore for example, the Blue platies are kept in a tank seperate from the Tudexo Platies and the Red Platies and the High-Fin Platies. Also, all the fish from each variety are the same color, so they have to come from a stablized strain since the same breeder supplies all Platies.

Oh, by the way. Can anyone tell me what is the best liquid bacteria that can be included into a tank to help start it cycle??? Is it the liquid bacteria from CYCLE or PRIME???? Or something else???

Sorry about no pictures for the horses but on Christmas day, my mare Ghostrider gave birth to a foal.

Chocolate brown with a little star, and blonde mane and tail. Little sweetheart. I can't stay on much longer since i have to make sure that the mare and her foal are okay.

It's a filly. Any ideas for a name for her????

Oh if you want to know the stallion's registered name, in the Arabian stud book in Arabia is something i can not even pronounce nor write out without the proper digits. Sorry.

But it is roughly translated into Night of Black Phantom.

The mare's is the same, something i can't write out but her name is roughly translated into. Silver Dustcloud.

Their barn-names are for the stallion Mystery and for the mare Ghostrider. They are pure-breeding horses.

Also if you want to see a similar picture of my mare, this is the only picture, i've got. Visit this website:


The picture of the horse which is third from the bottom is a picture of my mare's mother. My mare and her mother are almost identical.

My mare's mother, ABIA BARAKA or Great White One, was the producer of numerous great foals including the chestnut horse second from the bottom of the website mentioned above.

That's the only picture i got.

The father's name actually in Arabic is ASWAD FUAD or translated into English means BLACK HEART [ASWAD means BLACK and FUAD means HEART]. His barnname [nickname] is Mystery because of the fact that he doesn't have a Black Heart rather he is a very gentle horse.

The mother's name actually in Arabic is ABIA AFRA' ALMAS which roughly translated in English means GREAT WHITE DIAMOND [ABIA means GREAT, AFRA' means WHITE, and ALMAS means DIAMAND]. Her barnname [nickname] is Ghostrider because of the fact that Great White Diamond is far to long to say.

The mother and her baby are doing perfectly well. The babe is very adventurous even at her young age and i have already had to make sure that the doors are tightly locked since she is an escape artist. Little menace.

Sorry I don't have any digital camera to take a picture of her and her parents and post it here. But i do have some pictures that are very similar to the coloration of all three horses.

For the stallion, Mystery, check out this website: http://greenfield.fortunecity.com/dreams/799/hc/black.htm

He is the basically like the horse on the left underneath the title jet black. But he lacks any markings.

For the mare, Ghostrider, check out this website: http://greenfield.fortunecity.com/dreams/799/hc/grey.htm

She is the horse at the bottom first section of this website, the one that is a dappled grey and facing the camera. Her coloration though is slightly lighter.

For the filly, still unnamed, check out this website: http://www.thunderridgerockies.com/html/forsale.html

She is quite similar to the first colt, the one named TRR Charlie Brown. But her body color will be slightly darker and her mane and tail won't be that color. If you want to see what her mane and tail will look like, check out this website:

Her mane and tail will be the coloration of the first horse shown.

She'll be a beauty

Oh and i'd like some help with the names. Check out this website for Arabic horse names, and don't be afraid to stick more than one word together since both mother and father have more than one Arabic word for their names.

Website is: http://www.arabiansonline.net/namesa.htm


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Liquid Bacteria

Dear Patricia,

If you can wait the four weeks for a tank to cycle, then liquid bacteria is not necessary. Should you decide to use it, however, I've had good success with Marineland Lab's brand Bio-Spira.

Congrats on the new filly. Good luck with her.

All the best,

Randall Kohn


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Hi Patricia

Im interested in horses too and I also do horseriding when I have time for it. Unfortunately, I dont have any space to have an own horse.

Although you dont have any photos of your horses, I believe they are beautiful.

And about the name of the filly... what do you think about MALAK ATIYA, malak means angel (may be also angelic) and atiya is a gift. So then it might mean 'Gift from an angel'. But there are also many other nice combinations of the name. Only to choose the right one.

Although I enjoyed this topic very much, I think it is unusual to find it on dwarf cichlids forum. That is the reason why you will not receive many replies, I think.
If you want to contact me, here is my e-mail: [email protected] We seem to be in the similar age, have similar hobbiest so we shoul find something to talk about together :)

I wish you and your horses all the best.



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Hi Patricia,

Firstly, I second Randall's recommendation, I have heard nothing but good reports about it.

Secondly, I'm not sure if you have yet named your foal, however a combination of the mothers and fathers names could be used.

Almas Faud - Diamond Heart (I don't speak any dialect other then english, so if I have the words mixed up please forgive me.)

Her barnname could be Alimo (it's sort of like almas, if you really think about it, it is, really it is, well maybe it isn't, but i liked it hehe) :eek:).