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West Africans in pond


New Member
5 Year Member
Every year I put out different fish in my300gal pond. I put in trios of pelvic taeniatus , silviae and lucausi this year . I and found the male silviae dead.Do you think the other males might breed with them and produce hybrids? I empty the pond in mid October and don’t know what comes out till then

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
I doubt it since Enigmatochromis lucanusi is not that closely related to the other two species and Pv. silviae belongs to a different species-group than Pv. taeniatus. That being said, you never know - "any port in a storm".

philip wood

New Member
I once put an order in at a aquatics shop for some female P Rolofi. The following week they arrived and at first glance they had the same body as Female P.Rolofi but once in the tank to my surprise they where Enigmatochromis lucanusi female's but you can understand the confusion at the shop for giving these the wrong id. Possible link between the two species ??? So maybe if you put Rolofi and Enigmatochromis together who knows what might happen.