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Uncertain on Apisto Safe Food


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5 Year Member
Hi all,
I noticed my adult Apistogramma sifting sand where micro worms have accumulated. Do you think the worms are still too small to be used this way? I wonder if a significant amount of worms would be consumed by the sifting activity.
I think they are sifting out the micro-worms. I think some of the larger Geophagine Cichlids (Satanoperca daemon?) eat small food items.

cheers Darrel

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
It really depends on the number of worms available. They shouldn't be so small that adult apistos won't eat them. Mine live fine, and breed, on a diet of mostly bbs. I personally wouldn't do the same with microworms. They are like other annelids, high protein and high fat. They are fine as a suppliment but not as the main part of their diet.