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Two Story Tank Idea


New Member
Cichlids usually only like the bottom of the tank to form their territories. And thst limits the number of cichlids a tank could support because of aggression.

I have an idea and want to see if anyone has tried it.

I have a 54 corner bow front aquarium. Its sides and gravel are black.

I thought what if i cut a piece of black plastic light cover to the curve of the tank. I would only nake it 8 inches or so wide. I’d start by putting several bricks under it to hold it up. Then add plants, caves, and other hiding places for territories making sure to taking in consideration line of sight.

This could act as more “bottom” of the tank room. So perhaps one could have a couple of pair in the tank (I’m not into seriously breeding the fish but thought this might enable “sneaker” males and give the fish a bit more room.

Had anyone tried this?


Well-Known Member
Dwarf cichlids spawn in small caves but you'd be building a big one. Caves mean "predators inside", fish will only use it if absolutely forced. Also under such a thing the water movement will be impaired.

I've seen somebody try this once. They ultimately decided to just simulate a riverbank by completely closing the room under the sheet of glass they used off.

In the end it's easier to use separate shallow tanks instead.

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